Example of Glossary Lists

Here is an example of a glossary list. The third item in the list has a regular, unordered list nested within it. Note that the first term (marked by the DT element) does not have a matching description (marked by the DD element). This is perfectly legal. You can also use BR elements to add extra line spacing, where desired -- here it is done after the first DT.

Things to do:

Things to Avoid:
You should not use elements that define paragraph formatting within the PRE element. This means you should not use <P>, <ADDRESS>, <Hn> and so on. You should avoid the use of tab characters -- use single blank characters to space text apart.
Things That are OK:
You can use the anchor element A. A typed carriage return will cause a new line in the presented text. People you should never let format lists include: as they generally do a poor job.