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Last Update: 31 January 2000

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About Ian Graham

(.... I also have an Official biographical page)

This HTML documentation package was written by me, Ian Graham. Initially drafted as a learning exercise while learning to use HTML and the Web, the documents have gone on to become an important utility for users around the world who are learning HTML. As it became more of a teaching resource, I tried to rework the material and make it clearer and easier to read. I hope you find it useful.

After preparing this online material, I was approached by an editor from John Wiley and Sons, to write a book on HTML. The result has been a series of books, including

I want to thank all of you who bought one or more of these book, particularly those who wrote me with commentary on these online documents -- all your suggestions and ideas have been integrated into both the online material and the book.

By training I am a physicist, with a PhD in theoretical biophysics, and approximately 20 publications in computational statistical mechanics, condensed matter theory, and chemical physics. At present I work part-time at the Information Commons at the University of Toronto, where I: teach courses on the Web and other Information Technology issues; help develop computer-based instructional materials; and research Web technologies and electronic information discovery. I also work at a software company I co-founded, GroveWare Inc., where I am the Vice-President of Research and Development, and lead a team of eight software developers and system architects. My interests lie in the areas of distributed document management, parallel computing, multimedia design and virtual reality -- not to forget scientific computing and simulation.

Web Interests and Software

I have a number of Web resources accessible over the web: these are all summarized in a related summary document. A particular example is a package for distributing seminar notices. You can have a look at it at If you are interested, ther software is freely available from -- but -- send me email if you use it, so I can send you patches and upgrades as they occur.


Many, of course. I am a fan of Babylon5, much to my wife's dismay ("Those goofs talk into their wrists....."), and like skating and cross-country skiing. I also have a weakness for Mr. Bean.

Contact Information

Dr. Ian S. Graham
Information Commons
University of Toronto
1st Floor, Robarts Library
130 St. George Street
Toronto, Ontario M5S 3H1 CANADA

Tel: 416-978-4548
Fax: 416-978-0440

ToC ~ Index Introduction to HTML
Last Update: 31 January 2000