Internet Sources for the Study of Jewish Women

Dina Ripsman Eylon

Before you start exploring the list of Internet sources, please read the short guide to research on Jewish women: Step-by-Step Guide to Research on Jewish Women

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Family and Society in Ancient Israel
An essential guide to the intricate genealogy of the ancient Israelites, as part of an interactive tutorial to Kinship and Social Organization, written by Brian Schwimmer of the University of Manitoba.

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook Israel
Part of a comprehensive and indispensable resource of ancient texts. Features historical documents from pre-Israelite Canaan/Palestine/Syria to the rabbinic period. Pay attention to the section Gender and Judaism. Paul Halsall is the compiler and editor

This enormous treasury of historical texts also contains the Internet Jewish History Sourcebook, which is a must.

Da'at Site in English
Articles from ASSIA A Journal of Jewish Medical Ethics and Halacha, Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society, Ten Daát A Journal of Jewish Education and much more. Includes articles on women's prayer groups, tubal ligation and the prohibition of sirus (castration, sterilization), embryos in contemporary Jewish Law and ethics, and foetal ovary transplants.

The Way Up
The Israeli woman's guide to personal development, success and advancement. Includes current statistics about women in Israel.

Jewish Women Divorcing Their Husbands in Early Judaism: The Background to Papyrus Seélim 13 by David Instone Brewer
The author takes the "middle ground" in a controversial case of a divorce document that seems to be initiated by a Jewish woman.

Jewish Woman
The online version of the print magazine of Jewish Women International (formerly Women of Bnai Brith).

Jewish Women in Canada: An Evolving Role by Norma Baumel Joseph, Concordia University
Prof. Joseph claims: "In exploring the role of Jewish women, it is easy to note the increasing influence of women in the Jewish world of the United States. Their active and public presence in all sectors of communal life is well documented. In contrast, Jewish women in Canada have not been perceived as engaged in the same quality and quantity of activities. In addition, the historical role and experiences of Canadian Jewish women have not been well documented." The article tries to remedy the problem.

Canadian Jewish Studies
The online version of the print journal, a source for information on current research on Canadian Jews.

Orthodoxy, Meet Feminism by Zelda Shluker
A short article from the Hadassah website.

Publications and Working Papers from the Hadassah International Research Institute on Jewish Women at Brandies University
Free bibliographies and articles in PDF format.

Women and the Holocaust Scholarly Essays
An online source for information on Jewish women during the Holocaust.
The official conservative site to questions & answers about Jewish Law. Many deal with gender-related issues. A must for the understanding of a more modern and liberal approach to Jewish Law.

Feminist Theory
Contains articles on notable women, regional bibliographies and more. Compiled by Kristin Switala at the Center for Digital Discourse and Culture, Virginia Tech University

Luise F. Pusch's biographical database contains information on more than 30,000 notable women worldwide. 600 of them are searchable.

Women's History at Biographies of Notable Women
An expanding list of biographies of famous women written by Jone Johnson, the host, or by the readers of the site. A few Jewish women: Gertrude Stein, Emma Goldman and Hannah Greenbaum Solomon.

Women's History at E-texts on Women's History
A collection of electronic texts by various female authors. Jewish representation is low but the site as a whole is useful for any comparative study in women's studies.

Feminist Chronicles by the Feminist Majority Foundation
Starts with The Second Sex by Simone De Beauvoir, published in the US in 1953, and ends, for some odd reason, in 1993. Divided into sub-sections of Events, Lifestyles, Economic, Political, Education, Religion, Media and The Backlash. Valuable for a comparative viewpoint and for the herstory of the women's movement in general.

Women's Studies Resources on Feminist Theory
Compiled by Karla Tonella, University of Iowa. Treasury of essays, book reviews, texts, images and bibliographies.

Source Types of Women's Studies Scholarship: An Exploratory Bibliometric Analysis of Formats of Cited Materials by Tom Turner
What a title! To clarify the jargon used in the article, let me quote its mission: "Bibliometric methodology provides an important avenue to understanding the characteristics of information processes and information handling... Thus, bibliometric analyses of women's studies will produce a basic descriptive picture of the field and the activities of its scholars." Obviously, not intended for anyone new to the field.

Some Methodological and Epistemological Issues Raised by Doing Feminist Research on Non-Feminist Women by Dianne Millen
These are the keywords describing the article: Epistemology; Feminist Methodology; Feminist Research; Politics of Research; Postmodernist Epistemologies; Standpoint Theory. In Millen's opinion, feminist research is complicated and controversial. A recommended reading for the more advanced student.

Feminist Educational Research by Martin Ryder
A short collection of texts and links. Note the short article What is Feminism? by Mary Klages and the syllabi on the subject of feminist research, philosophy and theory.

The Feminist Research Center at Feminist Majority Foundation
Everything you always wanted to know about women's issues.

The 3rd WWWave: Feminism for the New Millennium
Book reviews, articles and much more. A must for Generation-X girls.

Voices of Women: Journal & Resource Guide
Interviews and articles on spirituality, relationships, family and community, health and happiness, survival skills, media and society and business.

Feminist Literary Explorations
Includes interviews, articles and more… Current issue features Sonia Pressman Fuentes.

What makes Feminist Research Feminist? The Structure of Feminist Research within the Social Sciences from Par-l: A Canadian Electronic Feminist Network
Accompanied by a bibliography, which is listed below.


Web Sites for Jewish Studies from the Princeton University Library

Resources for Judaic Studies from the University of Connecticut

Assisting You to Learn Judaism by Ehud Ben Zvi, University of Alberta (Highly recommended!)

RAMBI Web Catalog
The ultimate, authoritative index of articles in Jewish Studies from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Jewish Studies Internet Sources from Columbia University

Academic Jewish Studies Internet Directory by Stefan Rohrbacher

Jewish Culture and History by David M. Dickerson
Annotated list of related sites.

University of California Research Resources by Subject or Collection Women's/Gender/Feminist Studies


Soc.Culture.Jewish Newsgroups Reading Lists Women and Judaism

Eve and the Identity of Women by Christopher L.C.E. Witcombe

Kampelman Collection on Jewish Ethics from Georgetown University

Bibliography of Books and Articles in Latin American Jewish Studies 1991-96 by Judith Laikin Elkin
Invaluable source for a neglected field in Jewish Studies.

Doing Feminist Research Annotated Bibliography by Ann Hall
Though last revised in January 1992, still offers a good introduction to feminist research.

Bibliography: What Makes Feminist Research Feminist?

Feminist Research Methods: A Guide to Library and Internet Resources from the University of Oregon Library

Feminist Methodology and Women, Gender, Feminism from Northern Arizona University

Guides to Writing Essays

A Guide to Writing Academic Essays in Religious Studies by Scott G. Brown, University of Toronto
From definitions to using gender-inclusive language.

How to Write an Essay by Kimberly Chapman
This essay is the epitome of essays.

The Five Paragraph Essay
Specifically geared to high school students.

Write an Essay: Tips on Writing that All-Important A-grade Essay by Ted Neilson
A must for secondary and post-secondary students.

How to Write an Essay by Tom Davis
A guide for all.

Some Reflections on How to Write an Essay by Catherine Lavender, City University of New York
Short but insightful.

How to Write an Exegetical Essay by Emilia Angelova, University of Toronto
Geared for Philosophy students.

Bibliographic Citations from H-Net
Learn to cite listserv messages, websites, FTPs, Gophers, Usenet group messages and e-mail messages.

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