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Public Access Facility (PAF) Software:
PC Pine 4.21* and Netscape Navigator 4.08

*Updated 26 April 2000

NOTE: These applications have been modified for restricted use in Public Access Facilities (PAFs) (e.g. Libraries and Computer Labs) at the University of Toronto. They are not to be redistributed. Please refer internal requests for use of the applications to Alex Nishri or Cheryl Ziegler.

You may find it useful to review the Policy document used in the Robarts Libary PAF.

PCPine 4.21:
PC Pine 4.21 replaces version 4.10. PC Pine 4.21 and it's associate files are compressed in the file icpine421.exe. icpine421.exe should be extracted into a READ ONLY directory. The included pinerc file must be installed READ ONLY. The executable getconfig3.exe must be run as a front end to the actual Pine program, icp.exe. Getconfig3.exe runs Pine with the appropriate command line options. We recommend that you use a Pine icon for the Getconfig3.exe shortcut you place on the desktop.

The major changes in Pine 4.21 include improved filter performance, interface tuning (i.e. changes to avoid accidental deletion of mail) and numerous Text/HTML parser improvements.

Netscape Navigator 4.08 Stand-Alone:

Please read the UTC-Netscape agreement before installing Netscape.

Netscape Navigator 4.08 replaces version 3.01. Netscape Navigator 4.08 is a stand-alone web browser -- email and news functionality have been removed. Please install on Windows95 or 98 Operating Systems.

Installation is straight forward -- just download and execute the binary
n32e408.exe. To further reduce functionality, you may consider choosing a Custom install for Setup Type and delete the Netcaster component during the installation process.

Before making Navigator 4.08 available in your PAF,

  1. On first run, set up a default profile.
  2. Make all the necessary changes to the preferences configuration (i.e. set an appropriate home page).
  3. Exit from Navigator and delete the preferences dll: prefui32.dll. This disables Preferences under the Edit menu.
  4. Under Netscape/Users/default, delete the Mail and News directories. Make the bookmark.htm file Read Only and Hidden.
  5. Delete the User Profile Manager shortcut.
  6. To prevent users from altering your default wallpaper, make the file C:/Windows/Netscape Wallpaper.bmp Read Only.


Project History

If you are interested in the path we took in creating this modified version of Netscape, please read the project history

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