The Gerlai Lab is currently made up of a few thousand Zebra Fish, two Aquaculture specialists, a post doctoral fellow, four graduate students, and thirteen thesis/independent project students.

Dr. Robert Gerlai

Professor of Psychology
ofc: 905-569-4255 RM 3035 SE
lab: 905-569-4257 RM 1013 SE
email: robert.gerlai [at]

Courses taught at UofT:
PSY355H Animal Behavior Genetics
An introduction to the genetic analysis of behaviour. The concepts and methods of classical Mendelian genetics, quantitative genetics, and recombinant DNA technology-based reverse and forward genetic approaches will be discussed as they relate to the analysis of animal behaviour. [39L]
Prerequisite: PSY201H5/equivalent, 252H5/290H5/295H5

PSY252H Intro to Animal Behaviour
An introduction to animal behaviour from a biological perspective, stressing ecological and evolutionary aspects of behaviour. The course will review the neural, endocrine and physiological mechanisms mediating animals' natural behaviours, as well as how gene-environment interactions during development modify these behavioural mechanisms. [39L]
Prerequisite: PSY100Y5

PSY397H Neuroplasticity
An examination of experimental findings and theory documenting the plasticity of the brain and its relationship to behaviour. The course will discuss the molecular, synaptic, cellular and circuitry components of neural plasticity in relation to learning and experience. [39L]
Prerequisite: PSY201H5/equivalent, 252H5/290H5/295H5

Aquaculture Specialists/Lab Manager:

Email: keviraj [at]

Email: rroshrraj [at]

Post Doctoral Fellow

Yi Pan
Email: panyi.pan [at]

Graduate Students:

Noam Miller
Email: noam.miller [at]

Margarette Sison
Email: margarette.sison [at]

Christine Buske
Email: chr.buske [at]

Diane Seguin
Email: dy_seguin [at]

Ruxandra Luca
Email: ruxandra.luca [at]

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