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After conducting a competitive tender among Canadian institutions of higher education, the European Commission announced its decision to support five EU Centres of Excellence (EUCEs) in Canada in 2009-2012. EUCEs are located at Carleton University (Ottawa), Dalhousie University (Halifax) , Université de Montréal in consortium with McGill University , University of Toronto in consortium with the University of Victoria , and York University (Toronto).

European Union

The Centre for European Studies (CES) at Carleton University has been charged with the responsibility for coordinating the Canadian Network of EU Centres of Excellence. The Canadian EUCE Network complements similar networks in the U.S.A , Australia , New Zealand , Japan , Singapore, Taiwan, and Korea. The EUCE network provides a key focal point for outreach on EU issues to the Canadian public and specialized constituencies, such as the public service, the media, the business community and others.


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