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2005 Publications

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Karpowicz, P., Morshead, C., Kam, A., Jervis, E., Ramuns, J., Cheng, V., and van der Kooy, D. Support for the immortal strand hypothesis : neural stem cells partition DNA asymmetrically in vitro. Journal of Cell Biology. 170 (2005) 721-732. (karpowicz...2005)


Karpowicz, P., Cohen, C.B., and van der Kooy, D. Developing human-nonhuman chimeras in human stem cell research: Ethical Issues and Boundaries. Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal. 15 (2005) 107-134.


Kippin, T.E., Martens, D.J., and van der Kooy, D. p21 loss compromises the relative quiescence of forebrain stem cell proliferation leading to exhaustion of their proliferation capacity. Genes & Development. 19 (2005) 756-767. (kippin...2005...)


Kippin, T.E., Kapur, S., and van der Kooy, D. Dopamine specifically inhibits forebrain neural stem cell proliferation, suggesting a novel effect of antipsychotic drugs. Journal of Neuroscience. 25 (2005) 5815-5823. (kippin...2005...)


Seaberg, R.M., Smukler, S.R., and van der Kooy, D. Intrinsic differences distinguish transiently neurogenic progenitors from neural stem cells in the early postnatal brain. Developmental Biology. 278 (2005) 71-85. (seaberg...2005...)

**photo credit: Sandrine Willaime-Morawek**