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2017 Publications

Coles-Takabe, B., van der Kooy, D. P-Cadherin is necessary for retinal stem cell behavior in vitro, but not in vivo. Stem Cell Research 21 (2017) 141-147 (coles...2017...)


Grieder, TE., George, O., Yee, M., Bergamini, MA., Chwalek, M., Maal-Bared, G., Vargas-Perez, H., van der Kooy, D. Deletion of α5 nicotine receptor subunits abolishes nicotinic aversive motivational effects in a manner that phenocopies dopamine receptor antagonism. European Journal of Neuroscience. 46(1) (2017) 1673-1681 (grieder...2017...)


Reeve, R., Yammine, S., Morshead, C., van der Kooy, D. Quiescent Oct4+ neural stem cells (NSCs) repopulate ablated GFAP+ NSCs in the adult mouse brain. Stem Cells. (2017) [epub ahead of print] (reeve...2017...)


Vargas-Perez, H., Grieder, TE., Ting-A-Kee, R., Maal-Bared, G., Chwalek, M., van der Kooy, D. A single administration of the hallucinogen, 4-acetoxy-dimethyltryptamine, prevents the shift to a drug-dependent state and the expression of withdrawal aversions in rodents. European Journal of Neuroscience. European Journal of Neuroscience. 45(11) (2017)1410-1417 (vargas-perez...2017...)


2016 Publications

Führmann T, Tam RY, Ballarin B, Coles B, Elliott Donaghue I, van der Kooy D, Nagy A, Tator CH, Morshead CM, Shoichet MS. Injectable hydrogel promotes early survival of induced pluripotent stem cell-derived oligodendrocytes and attenuates longterm teratoma formation in a spinal cord injury model. Biomaterials. 83 (2016) 23-36 (fuhrmann...2016...)


Huroy S, Kanawaty A, Magomedova L, Cummins CL, George SR, van der Kooy D, Henderson JT. EphB2 reverse signaling regulates learned opiate tolerance via hippocampal function. Behavioural Brain Research. 300 (2016) 85-96 (huroy...2016...)


Mitrousis N; Tam RY, Baker AEG; van der Kooy D; Shoichet MS. Hyaluronic acid-based hydrogels enable rod photoreceptor survival and maturation in vitro through activation of the mTOR pathway Advanced Functional Materials. 26 (2016) 1975-85 (mitrousis...2016...)


Reeve RL, Yammine SZ, De Veale B, van der Kooy D. Targeted activation of primitive neural stem cells in the mouse brain. European Jouranl of Neuroscience. 43(11) (2016) 1474-85 (reeve...2016...)


Umebayashi D, Coles B, van der Kooy D. Enrichment of oligodendrocyte progenitors from differentiated neural precursors by clonal sphere preparations. Stem Cells and Development. 25(9) (2016) 712-28 (umebayahi...2016...)


2015 Publications

Babak T, DeVeale B, Tsang EK, Zhou Y, Li X, Smith KS, Kukurba KR, Zhang R, Li JB, van der Kooy D, Montgomery SB, Fraser HB. Genetic conflict reflected in tissue-specific maps of genomic imprinting in human and mouse. Nature Genetics. 47(5) (2015) 544-549 (babak...2015...)


Ballios BG, Cooke MJ, Donaldson L, Coles BL, Morshead CM, van der Kooy D, Shoichet MS. A Hyaluronan-Based Injectable hydrogel improves the survival and integration of stem cell progeny following transplantation. Stem Cell Reports. 4(6) (2015) 1031–1045 (ballios...2015...)


Huroy S, Kanawaty A, Magomedova L, Cummins CL, George SR, van der Kooy D, Henderson JT. EphB2 reverse signaling regulates learned opiate tolerance via hippocampal function. Behavioural Brain Research. 300 (2016) 85-96 (huroy...2015...)


Razavi, R., Abdullah, S., Arntfield, M., Shateri, H., Smukler, S., van der Kooy D. Diabetes enhances the proliferation of adult pancreatic multipotent progenitor cells and biases their differentiation to more B-cell production. Diabetes. 64 (4) (2015)1211-1323


Ting-A-Kee R, Heinmiller A, van der Kooy D. A proposed resolution to the paradox of drug reward: Dopamine's evolution from an aversive signal to a facilitator of drug reward via negative reinforcement. Neuroscience and Biobehavioural Reviews. 56 (2015) 50-61 (ting...2015...)


2014 Publications

Balenci, L., van der Kooy, D. Notch signaling induces retinal stem-like properties in perinatal neural retina progenitors and promotes symmetrical divisions in adult retinal stem cells. Stem Cells and Development Stem Cells and Devlopment. 23(3) (2014) 230-44 (balenci...2013...)


Bufalino, M.R, van der Kooy, D. The aggregation and inheritance of damaged proteins determines cell fate during mitosis. Cell Cycle. 13(7) (2014) 1201-7. (bufalino...2014...)


Deveale, B, Bausch-Fluck, D, Seaberg, R, Runciman, S, Akbarian, V, Karpowicz, P, Yoon, C, Song, H, Leeder, R, Zandstra, PW, Wollscheid, B, van der Kooy, D. Surfaceome profiling reveals regulators of neural stem cell function. Stem Cells. 32(1) (2014) 258-68 (deveale...2013...)


Greider, T., Vargas-Perez, H., Herman, M, Contet, C., Tan, L., Freiling, J., Clarke, L., Crawford, E., Koebel, P., Roberto, M., Kieffer, BL., Sawchenko, PE., Koob, GF, van der Kooy, D., George, O. Identification of CRF neurons in the ventral tegmentatal area that control the aversive effects of nicotine withdrawal. Nature Neuroscience. 17(12) (2014) 1751-8 (grieder...2014...)


Michael1, IP.,Westenskow, PD., Hacibekiroglu, S., Greenwald, AC., Ballios, BG., Kurihara, T., Li, Z., Warren, C., Zhang, P., Aguilar, E., Donaldson, L., Marchetti, V., Baba, T., Hussein, SM., Sung, H., Iruela-Arispe, ML., Rini, JM van der Kooy, D., Friedlander, M., Nagy, A. Local acting Sticky-trap inhibits vascular endothelial growth factor dependent pathological angiogenesis in the eye. EMBO Molecular Medicine. 6(5) (2014) 604–623. (michael...2014...)


Sachewsky, N., Leeder, R., Xu, W., Rose, K.L., Yu, F., van der Kooy, D., Morshead, C.M. Primitive neural stem cells in the adult mammalian brain give rise to the GFAP expressing neural stem cells. Stem Cell Reports. 2 (6) (2014) 810-24. (sachewsky...2014...)


Teichert, A.M., Pereira, S., Coles, B., Chaddah, R., Runciman, S., Brokhman, I., van der Kooy, D. The neural stem cell lineage reveals novel relationships among spermatogonial germ stem cells and other pluripotent stem cells. Stem Cells and Development. 23(7) (2014) 767-78. (teichert...2014...)


Vargas-Perez, H., Bahi, A., Bufalino, M.R., Ting-A-Kee, R., Fahmy, A., Maal-Bared, G., Clarke, L., Lam, J., Blanchard, J., Larsen, B., Steffensen, S., Dreyer, J.L., van der Kooy, D. BDNF signaling in the VTA links the drug dependent state to drug withdrawal aversions. Journal of Neuroscience. 34(23) (2014) 7899-909. (vargas...2014...)


2013 Publications

Arntfield, M., van der Kooy, D. The adult mammalian pancreas contains separate stem cells of pancreatic and neural crest developmental origins. Stem Cells and Development. 22(15) (2013) 2145-57 (arntfield...2013...)


Ballios BG, Marigo V, van der Kooy D. Directed differentiation of retinal stem cells into photoreceptors and retinal pigment epithelium. In Kaur N, Vemuri M (Eds.), Neural Stem Cell Assays. Wiley-Blackwell, New Jersey, 2013.


Balenci L, Wonders C, L Kcoles-Takabe B, Clarke L, van der Kooy D. Bmps and Sfrp2 maintain the quiescence of adult mammalian retinal stem cells. Stem Cells. 31(10) (2013) 2218-30 (balencil...2013...)


Bufalino, M. R. DeVeale, B., van der Kooy, D. Damaged protein segregation differs between asymmetrically dividing stem cell populations. Journal of Cell Biology 4(201) 201(4) (2013). 523-30 (bufalino...2013...)


Deveale B, Brokhman I, Mohseni P, Babak T, Yoon C, Lin A, Onishi K, Tomilin A, Pevny L, Zandstra PW, Nagy A, van der Kooy D. Oct4 is required ∼e7.5 for proliferation in the primitive streak. PLoS Genetics. 9(11) (2013) e1003957 (devealb...2013...)


Holowacz, T., Alexson, T., Coles, B., Doble, B.W., Kelly., K., Woodgett, J.R., van der Kooy, D. The responses of neural stem cells to the level of GSK-3 depend on the tissue of origin. Biology Open. 2(8) (2013) 812-21 (holowacz...2013...)


Pereira, S., van der Kooy, D. Entwined Engrams: The evolution of associative and non-associative learning. Worm. 32(26) (2013) 9035-44 PMID: 22745502 (pereira...2013...)


Riad-Allen L, van der Kooy D. Social defeat stress switches the neural system mediating benzodiazepine conditioned motivation. Behavioural Neuroscience. 127(4) (2013) 515-23 (riad...2013)


Salewski, R.P., Buttigieg, J., Mitchell, R.A., van der Kooy, D., Nagy, A., Fehlings, M.G. The generation of definitive neural stem cells from piggybac transposon-induced pluripotent stem cells can be enhanced by induction of the NOTCH signaling pathway. Stem Cells and Development. 22(3) (2013) 383-396. (salewski...2013...)


Sellings L, Pereira S, Qian C, Dixon-McDougall T, Nowak C, Zhao B, Tyndale RF, van der Kooy D. Nicotine-motivated behavior in Caenorhabditis elegans requires the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunits acr-5 and acr-15. European Journal of Neuroscience. 37(5) (2013) 743-56 (sellings...2013...)


Ting-A-Kee R, Vargas-Perez H, Mabey JK, Shin SI, Steffensen SC, van der Kooy D. Ventral tegmental area GABA neurons and opiate motivation. Psychopharmacology (Berl). 227(4) (2013) 697-709 (ting...2013...)


Ting-A-Kee, R., Mercuriano, L.E., Vargas-Perez, H., George, S.R., van der Kooy, D. Dopamine D1 receptors are not critical for opiate reward but can mediate opiate memory retrieval in a state-dependent Manner. Behavioural Brain Research. 26 (247C) (2013)174-177. (ting...mercuriano...2013...)


Ting-A-Kee R, Vargas-Perez H, Bufalino MR, Bahi A, Dreyer JL, Tyndale RF, van der Kooy D. Infusion of brain-derived neurotrophic factor into the ventral tegmental area switches the substrates mediating ethanol motivation. Euoropean Journal of Neuroscience. 37(6) (2013) 996-1003.

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