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2012 Publications

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Ballios, B., Clarke, L., Shoichet, M., van der Kooy, D. The adult retinal stem cell is a rare pigmented cell in the ciliary epithelium that can differentiate into photoreceptors. Biology Open (2012) 1:237-246. (ballios...2012...)


Chaddah, R., Arntfield, M., Runciman, S., van der Kooy, D., Clonal deriviation of neural stem cells from human embryonic stem cells. Journal of Neuroscience (2012) 32:7771-7781. (chaddah...2012...)


Clarke, L., Ballios, B.G., van der Kooy, D. Generation and clonal isolation of retinal stem cells from human embryonic stem cells. European Journal of Neuroscience (2012) 36:1951-1959. (clarke...2012...)


DeVeale, B., van der Kooy, D., Babak, T. Critical evaluation of imprinted gene expression by RNA- Seq: A new perspective. PLoS Genetics (2012) 3:1-12. (deveale...2012...)


Grieder, T.E., George, O., Tran, H., George, S.R., Le Foll, B., Laviolette, S.R., van der Kooy, D. Phasic D1 and tonic D2 dopamine receptor signalling double dissociate the motivational effects of acute niotine and chronic nicotine withdrawl. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2012) 8:3101-3106. (greider...2012...)


Pereira, S., van der Kooy, D. Two forms of learning following training to a single odorant in caenorhabditis elegans AWC neurons. Journal of Neuroscience (2012) 32:9035-9044. (pereira...2012...)


**photo credit: Sandrine Willaime-Morawek**