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2007 Publications

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Karpowicz, P., Inoue, T., Runciman, S., Chaddah, R., Seaberg, R., Gertsenstein, M., Byers, L., Yamanaka, Y., Tonda, S., Slevin, J., Hitoshi, S., Rossant, J., and van der Kooy, D. Adhesion is prerequisite, but alone insufficient, to elicit stem cell pluripotency. Journal of Neuroscience. 27 (2007) 5437-5447. (karpowicz...2007)


Liu, H., Mazerolle, C., Wang, Y., Thurig, S., Xu, S., van der Kooy, D., and Wallace, V.A. Ciliary margin transdifferentiation from neural retina is controlled by canonical Wnt signaling. Developmental Biology. 308 (2007) 54-67. (liu...2007...)


Vargas-Perez, H., Ting-A-Kee, R., Heinmiller, A., Sturgess, J., and van der Kooy, D., A test of the opponent process theory of motivation using lesions that specifically block morphine reward. European Journal of Neuroscience. 25 (2007) 3713-3718. (vargas...2007...)


Xu, S., Sunderland, M.E., Coles, B.L.K., Holowacz T., Ashery-Padan, R., Marquardt, T., Gruss, P., McInnes, R., and van der Kooy, D. The proliferation and expansion of retinal stem cells require functional Pax6. Developmental Biology. 304 (2007) 713-721. (xu...2007...)

**photo credit: Sandrine Willaime-Morawek**