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2010 Publications

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Ballios, B.G., Cooke, M.J., van der Kooy, D., and Shoichet, M.S. A hydrogel-based stem cell delivery system to treat retinal degenerative diseases. Biomaterials. 31 (2010) 2555-2564. (ballios...2010...)


Ballios, B., van der Kooy, D. Retinal stem cells: history and potential clinical benefits. Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology. 45 (2010). 342-351. (ballios...2010...)


Greider, T., Sellings, L.H., Ting-A-Kee, R., Vargas-Perez, H., van der Kooy, D. Dopamine mediates nicotine dependent withdrawl aversions but not the motivational effects of acute nicotine withdrawl. Neuropsychompharmacology (2010) 35:943-945. (greider...2010...)


Hoffmann, M.C., Sellings, L.H., van der Kooy, D. A diacetyl-induced quiescence in young caenorhabditis elegans. Behavioural Brain Research (2010) 214:12-17. (hoffman...2010...)


Inoune, T., Coles, B.L.K., Dorval, K., Bremner, R., Bessho, Y., Kageyama, R., Hino, S., Matsuoka, M., Craft, C.M., McInnes, R.R., Temblay, F., Prusky, G.T., Tano, Y., van der Kooy. D. Maximizing functional photoreceptor differentiation from adult human retinal stem cells. Stem Cells (2010) 28:489-500. (inoune...2010...)


Lin, H.A., Tomioka, M., Pereria, S., Sellings, L., Lino, Y., van der Kooy, D. Insulin signalling plays a dual role in caenorhabditis elegans memory acquisition and memory acqisition and memory retrieval. Journal of Neuroscience (2010) 30:8001-8011. (lin...2010...)


Sturgess, J.E., Ting-A-Kee, R.A., Podbielski, D., Sellings, L.H., Chen, J.F., van der Kooy, D. Caffine has dopomine-independent rewarding effects and dopamine D2 receptor dependent averive effects, both of which do not depend on the adenosine A2A receptor. European Journal of Neuroscience (2010) 32:143-154. (sturgess...2010...)

**photo credit: Sandrine Willaime-Morawek**