E-mail Software Evaluation

Vice-Provost McCammond has struck a subcommittee of the Academic Advisory Committee of the Computing Management Board to determine the requirements for an institutional e-mail package and to test, evaluate and recommend a suitable product by August 31, 1998.

Subcommittee Membership:
Jim Delaney - Manager, Liaison and Campus Life Services
Michael Edmunds - Director, Information Commons
Richard Frecker - Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education
Graham Kemp - Director, Administrative Management Systems
Alex Nishri - Supervisor, Network Services, CNS (co-opted)
Alan Rosselet - Manager, Academic Services, U of T at Scarborough
Eugene Siciunas - Director, Computing & Networking Services (chair)

Final Report

Committee Work (superseded by above report)

For Evaluators

Views of other Universities and Educational Organizations

Other Views

Magazine Reviews (none very deep)

Technical Tidbits

Vendor Provided Information


All trademarks belong to their respective companies. Some of these are: TeamWARE Embla98, QualComm Eudora Pro 4.0, Cyrusoft Mulberry, Netscape Messenger, Microsoft Outlook Express, Paladin Corporation Paladin Email, Commtouch Pronto, ESYS Simeon, Netmanage Z-Mail.

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