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Opening An Account
To request that a web account be opened, please call 978-6202. Please have an appropriate user-id and password (see "Rules" below) ready. Once the request is accepted, it will be processed overnight.

Rules: User-ids and Passwords
Since user-ids will do double duty as part of your URL, you will need to describe your collection of web pages in eight characters or less. For example, if a webmaster for the Department of History requested an account, the obvious user-id would be history. The URL would then be

Passwords are a little more complex because they need to be secure. Passwords must be eight characters in length, contain at least one CAPITAL letter and one number. Dictionary words (any language), personal numbers (i.e. phone number, PIN number) and trivial words (i.e. secret) will be rejected by the system for security reasons.

Accessing Your Web Account Using FTP (More Details)

FTP stands for
File Transfer Protocol; a set of rules used to transfer files between computers on a network.

Using an FTP program such a Fetch (Macintosh) or Rapid Filer (Windows 3.1/95), HTML documents developed on your PC/Mac can be transfered to the web server. To use either FTP program, you will need to have your user-id, password and the name of the server ready at hand.

Changing Your Password
Please contact to change your password.

Account Architecture
Each account comes with a default directory called www-data; inside this directory is a file called index.html.

All HTML files should be stored in www-data.

Your main HTML file (to which all other HTML files will be linked) should be called index.html. When you transfer this file to, your index.html will simply replace the index.html that currently exists.

Disk Space Restriction
The service provides disk space for up to 100 megabytes. If you will need more, please contact us to discuss costs.

Developing Your HTML Documents
Design and Content

As webmaster for your site, you are responsible for the design and content of your HTML documents. Please refer to the UofT's Guidelines for World Wide Web Sites and Publishing found at
If you are new to HTML (HyperText Markup Language), there is a wealth of information available on the World Wide Web (WWW) as well as a number of good HTML reference books in the Campus Bookstore. As a starting point, you might want to go to the
"University of Toronto Webmasters - Tips/Resources" .

CGI Scripts
Custom: CGI scripts can degrade performance or open security holes at the server. For this reason, they are not supported.

Form Mail: There is a simple Form Mail script available for use. Please see this Sample for the correct path and sample form elements. You will need to register the email address that you put in the recipient field before your email form will deliver the data to you. Having this registry helps to prevent others from using our formmail to send out unsolicited email (spam) and hackers from getting information about our server.

Register an Email Address for Form Mail:

E-mail address:
Which website are you requesting registration of Form Mail for?:


Bulletin Board: The Centre for Academic Technology offers Online Teaching Services including Bulletin Board accounts. Please direct your inquiries to

No, sorry - we do not have a counter script installed. Here's

Using "mailto:" URLs
The majority of web sites on the Internet today use a "mailto:" URL so that visitors to a site may send comments of questions to the author(s). Please note that web accounts on DO NOT come with an email account.

There are two options, however, if a specific email account is to be associated with your web page:

1. use a personal email account, OR
2. visit Reader Registration at Robarts Library to get a departmental barcode which can be used to open a departmental UTORmail email account.

For more details about creating a UTORmail email account, please visit the UTORmail Mailbox Creation Form at

Linking Your Site to the University of Toronto Directory
When your web page is complete and you are ready to link it to the University of Toronto Directory, please visit,

Mailing List
Your email address will be added to a mailing list for general announcements about server test times (i.e. when is unavailable for use).

Legal and Policy Obligations
All information published as part of the University of Toronto World Wide Web site (including information published on UofT servers and pages linked into the UofT Web) must comply with University policies and regulations, and with federal and provincial laws including but not limited to:

The Guideline for Appropriate Use of Information Technology,

Code of Student Conduct,

The Ontario Human Rights Code,

The Criminal Code of Canada, and

Current copyright law.

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