Prof. Marcel Danesi

Marcel Danesi is Professor of Semiotics and Communication Theory, and coordinator of the University of Toronto Undergraduate Program in Semiotics and Communication Theory at Victoria College. Professor Danesi was for many years a distinguished member of the Department of Italian Studies where he taught Applied Linguistics and Semiotics. He is presently a member of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. Professor Danesi is editor and co-editor of several book series with the University of Toronto Press, St. Martin Press, Mouton de Gruyter, and Guerra (in Italy) dealing with research and theory in the field of Semiotics. Professor Danesi published profusely in the fields of Linguistics, Italian Studies, Applied and Cultural Semiotics, and Communication Theory. Among Professor Danesi’s numerous publications on semiotic topics, there are: Vico, Metaphor and the Origin of Language (Indiana University Press, 1993), Cool: The Signs and Meanings of Adolescence (University of Toronto Press, 1994), and the latest Analyzing Cultures, with Professor Paul Perron (Indiana University Press, 1999) and the forthcoming The Forms of Meaning, with professor Thomas A. Sebeok (Mouton de Gruyter, 2000).

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