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Listening exercises Vocabulary exercises
Dialogue 1 - Branko and Liljana (p 64) Именки (matching) Јадење (matching)
Dialogue 2 - Risto and Biljana (p 65) Именки (M -> E) Јадење (-> M)
Dialogue 3 - Vo restoranot (p 65) • Именки (E -> M) Други зборови (matching)
  Глаголи и придавки (matching) Други зборови (M -> E)
  Глаголи и придавки (M -> E) Други зборови (E -> M)
  Глаголи и придавки (E -> M)  
Definite articles Direct object pronouns Да constructions
Definite articles (blanks) Long forms (matching) Sentence creation
Definite articles (quiz) Clitic forms (matching) • Translations
Definite articles (translation) All forms (blanks)  
  Clitic forms (blanks)  
во vs. на Forms of "whose" Embedded questions
во or на? Blanks exercise Translations