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Listening exercises Vocabulary exercises
Dialogue - Branko, Baba Elena i Dedo Petre (pp 88-89) Именки (matching) Глаголи (E -> M)
  Именки (M -> E) • Други зборови (matching)
  Именки (E -> M) Други зборови (M -> E)
  Глаголи (matching) Други зборови (E -> M)
  Глаголи (M -> E)  
Indirect objects Indirect and direct object clitics Future constructions
Finding the indirect object (multiple choice) Clitics (blanks) Future practice (quiz)
Form practice (blanks) Translations Translations
Clitics (blanks)    
Long forms (blanks)    
Sentence practice    
Negated future constructions Future tense of сум Subordination with дека