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Volume XVII, 2005

Note from the Editor


Tolstoy on the Lower East Side: Di Kreyster Sonata. Barbara Henry, University of Washington

Narrative, Conscience and Judgement in Tolstoy's Resurrection. Sarah Hudspith, University of Leeds

Dogmatism or Moral Logic?  Simon Frank Confronts Tolstoy's Ethical Thought, Part II. Inessa Medzibovskaya, Eugene Lang College, New York University

The Sufferings of Young Olenin: Tolstoy's Werther. Philip Rogers, Binghamton University

Natasha Rostova at Meyerbeer's Robert le Diable. Margo Rosen, Columbia University

Archival Material

The Lev L'vovich Tolstoy Archives at Carolina Rediviva, University of Uppsala. E. B. Belodubrovsky

Tolstoy Scholarship in Russia and Abroad

Recent Publications and Annotated Bibliography for 2004-2005. Liudmilla Gladkova and Tim Ormond

Conference Report: "Tolstoy and World Literature" at Tolstoy Estate Museum, Yasnaya Polyana, Russia. Anne Hruska


Jeff Love: The Overcoming of History in War and Peace. (David Sloane)

Egan, David R. and Melinda A. Egan. Leo Tolstoy: An Annotated Bibliography of English Language Sources from 1978 to 2002. (Chris Turner)

M. V. Muratov. L. N. Tolstoy and V. G. Chertkov. Translated by Scott D. Moss. (Hugh Mclean)


On the Slavonic Question in Anna Karenina. Barbara Lonnqvist, Abo Akademi University. (Donna Orwin)

"An Inexhaustible Source of Representation..."

Images of L. N. Tolstoy