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Volume XVI, 2004

Note from the Editor
by Donna Tussing Orwin

Tribute to Lidiia Dmitrievna Gromova-Opulskaya, compiled by Edwina Cruise


Saints’ Lives in the Publications of Tolstoy: The Logic Behind His Choice of Subjects. A. G. Grodetskaya, Pushkinskii dom, St. Petersburg

Dogmatism or Moral Logic?  Simon Frank Confronts Tolstoy’s Ethical Thought. Inessa Medzibovskaya, Eugene Lang College, New York University

Cossacks in Spain: Tolstoyan Resonances in For Whom The Bell Tolls. Dale E. Peterson, Amherst College

Revisualizing Anna Karenina. Irina Makoveeva, University of Pittsburgh

Archival Material

Leo Tolstoy and Mikhail Novikov, Selected Letters form the Moscow State L. N. Tolstoy Museum Archives.  Edited, translated, and introduced by Andrew Donskov, University of Ottawa

 Scholarly Note

Could the Master Err? A Note on "God Sees the Truth But Waits." Hugh McLean, University of Califorinia, Berkeley

Response. Gary R. Jahn, University of Minnesota

Tolstoy in the Movies

Revolution, Loneliness, and the Future of Love: Tolstoy in the Cinema of Paolo and Vittorio Taviani. Carlo Testa, University of British Columbia

Interview with Italian Film makers Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, Rome, 14 April 2004. Carlo Testa, University of British Columbia

The Poet's Corner

Vronsky’s Revolver, After Vronsky’s Unsuccessful Attempt at Suicide. Sharon McCartney

Review Essay: On Stage

Irony, Theatre, and History in Time of War: Reflections on War and Peace, the Beginning of the Novel (based on the novel by Leo Tolstoy). Inessa Medzhibovskaya, Eugene Lang College, New York University

Tolstoy Scholarship in Russia and Abroad

Recent Publications and Annotated Bibliography for 2003-2004. Paul Haddock

Supplement to the Annotated Bibliography for 2002-2003. Mark Conliffe


Sharon McCartney:  Karenin Sings the Blues. (Allan Reid)

Vladimir Alexandrov:  Limits of Interpretation: The Meanings of Anna Karenina (Robin Feuer Miller)

O. V. Slivitskaya Ob effekte zhiznepodobiia Anny Kareninoi (Amy Mandelker)