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The preceeding was, of course, just a very cursory introduction to CGI. To become a proficient CGI developer you will need to learn:

To help you out, there are lots of useful tutorials, books, and online resources. The following is a list of some of these resources.

4.1 Printable CGI Tutorial

I have prepared a much longer CGI tutorial, in printable PostScript format, but you will need a postscript printer and some patience -- it is a very long file (46 pages!). The file is also available in two UNIX compressed formats: these are much smaller, and much faster to download, but are of course useless if you can't uncompress them.

cgi.ps - 2.0 Meg (2029974 bytes)
cgi.ps.Z - 0.22 Meg (224005 bytes)
cgi.ps.gz - 0.1 Meg (98523 Mbytes)

4.2 Books On CGI

There are several books that cover CGI programming, including my own The HTML Sourcebook. Thomas Boutell maintains, as part of the World Wide Web F.A.Q., a rather complete list of Web-related books, including brief descriptions: several other books also cover CGI programming (of course, you should buy mine first ... ;-) ). The list of books is available at:


If this site is overly busy, you should try one of the F.A.Q. mirrors. A list of mirrors is found at:


4.3 On-Line CGI Information

Even cheaper than books are online resources. There are several places where you can find out the details of CGI programming. The following is a very subjective list of some of the better resources:

4.4 CGI Programming Libraries

Please look to the references in my book. In the third edition, Chapters 8 and 9 cover CGI in detail, and the referecnes from these chapters are available online at the following URLs:

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