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Corrections to Chapter 1
The HTML Sourcebook, 3Ed.

[3] Figure 1.4 Pages 16/17
The bottom of the HTML example in Figure 1.4 indicates nine adjacent inline images, but the rendered example in Figure 1.5 (page 17) shows only eight. This is a mistake in the HTML figure -- there should be only eight IMG elements at the end of the document. .

[6] Figure 1.12, page 28
The bottom dashed line, pointing to the document ex2d.html should have the label: ../Other/ex2d.html . The label was inadvertenty cut off in the composition phase.

[4] Figure 1.17 and 1.18, pages 36/37
In figure 1.18 on page 37, the second line in the last paragraph has the non-emphasized word "up" appearing twice. The HTML code in figure 1.17 in the same location shows this word only once. (It appears that the editors "corrected" the grammer in the HTML listing (Figure 1.17) by removing the duplication ;-) )

[7] .z extension, page 52
The gzip program can produce files with the extension .gz, in addition to the .z extension noted in the book.


[3]: Thanks to Guy Grolimond, who wrote the publisher upon spotting this mistake (and who proved, as many have suspected, that the author cannot count!)
[4]: Thanks to J. Chapman-Pointer.
[6]: Thanks to Len Fox.
[7]: Thanks to Christopher Evans

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