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The HTML Sourcebook, 3Ed

On This Page: Additional Material ~ Examples, References, Corrections, & Updates

NOTE: Newer Editions Available
This book has been rewritten, and is available as the HTML 4.0 Sourcebook, published in 1998, and the XHTML 1.0 Language and Design Sourcebook, published in March of 2000. If you are looking for an up-to-date book (and supporting Web site), please try one of these books.

For a complete listing of all the books I have written, please visit

Additional Supporting Material

Description of Hypertext REL/REV Link Relationships (at the Wiley Web site)
This document describes hypertext links and the meanings of REL/REV values proposed for specifying the meaning behind a link. This document is available in Word 6Word 2 for WindowsRTF (Rich Text), WordPerfect 5.x,  and Postscript formats.
These notes were based on a (long expired) IETF working draft on REL/REV values. This draft is available at: and at

Glossary of Important Terms (at the Wiley Web site)
This document provides a glossary of important Web and Internet terms. This is available in HTML,   Word 6,   Word 2 for Windows,   RTF (Rich Text),   WordPerfect 5.x,  and Postscript formats.

HTML Entity Reference Test document (Appendix A)
This HTML document, en_test.html, demonstrates through use the currently defined HTML entity references.

Table of Common MIME Types (Appendix B)
This HTML document, mimetype.html, provides a list of MIME types commonly used on the Web .

Backtalk and Listen Source code listings (Appendix D)
These links provide access to source code listings to the programs listen.c and backtalk.c.

Tables of Language and Country Codes (Appendix E)
These HTML documents list the ISO 639 language and ISO 3166 country codes used in Internet applications to indicate a document's language.

Colors and Color Names (Appendix F)
HTML 3.2 supports 16 named colors, while Netscape 3 and Internet Explorer 3 support many additional names. This colors support document lists the names and provides a test document that tests these values on your browser.

Book Chapter Examples, References, Corrections and Updates

NOTE -- Corrections and updates sections are dated -- The corrections and updates sections are dated, to let you immediately know where and when new material was added.

HELP!! Your help is always appreciated -- Should you find a mistake in the book or a correction that you think is needed, please let me know, at I try and answer all my mail, and am always greatful for your help in improving this book, and this Web site.

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The HTML Sourcebook -- 3Ed
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