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References From Chapter 8
The HTML Sourcebook, 3Ed

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The Following URLs provide useful documentation on the CGI specification. References to CGI utilities and libraries, and to online CGI tutorials are given at the end of Chapter 9

CGI Specifications
http://hoohoo.ncsa.uiuc.edu/cgi/examples.html   (CGI demo scripts)

Netscape Cookies
Server APIs
http://www.apache.org/docs/API.html   (Apache API)
http://solo.dc3.com/wsapi/index.htm   (O'Reilly WebSite API)
http://website.ora.com/wspro/wsapi/html/   (O'Reilly WebSite API)
http://home.netscape.com/comprod/server_central/config/nsapi.html   (NSAPI)
http://home.netscape.com/newsref/std/server_api.html   (NSAPI)

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