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The HTML Sourcebook, 3Ed

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Most of the material at this site is available for downloading as an archive file. There are two archive formats available: a UNIX tar archive, and a Windows 95/NT PKZIP archive (also works with OS/2). The UNIX archive file also comes in three flavors: a regular archive and two compressed archives
The files that are not part of the archive are Description of Hypertext REL/REV Link Relationships and Glossary of Important Terms . These must be obtained individually from the Wiley Website.
If I've goofed up, just send me mail, at I can't promise that I will answer, but I will try and fix the problem as soon as possible, or to let you know why I can't.

Downloading Instructions

  1. Create a directory into which you want to place these example documents, for example on a PC this might be C:\docs\html3ed\.
  2. Determine the archive you want and select the link. Your browser should prompt you to save the file to disk. Save it into the directory you created in step 1. If you browser does not prompt you to save the file to disk, you should check your helper applications menu. The PC file is served out as MIME type application/octet-stream. Your browser should be configured to save files of this type to disk. Here is a list of the available archives, with links to the archive files:
    UNIX Archives (Last Updated: 18 March 1997)
    archive.tar.gz -- Gnu zipped UNIX tar archive    (343646 bytes)
    archive.tar.Z -- Compressed tar archive)    (519117 bytes)

    ZIP Archive - For Windows 95/NT (Last Updated: 18 March 1997)   -- Win95/NT ZIP archive    (436813 bytes)

  3. Expand the Archive by the method appropriate to your system.
    • For Windows 95/NT PCs -- (See Item 4 below if you use Windows 3.1). You will need a program that unpacks Zip archive files, such as WinZip95 (e.g., shareware from Note that you need the Windows 95/NT version to unpack the archive) The file produces the directory structure:
      and puts all the files and examples there or in subdirectories.
    • On a UNIX machine -- you use the unix uncompress or gunzip commands to decompress the file, followed by tar to expand the archive.
  4. If you have a Macintosh or Windows 3.1 -- Some modern versions of stuffit expander can extract files from UNIX tar archives or ZIP archives -- so try one of these versions, and see what happens. Unfortunately, the archive files have names that are not compatible with the 8.3 naming format of DOS/Windows 3.1. In this case, you will need to retrieve the files by hand, and store them one at a time on your disk.

The HTML Sourcebook -- 3Ed
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Page Last Updated: 18 March 1997