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NOTE: Newer Editions Available
This book has been rewritten, and is available as the HTML 4.0 Sourcebook, published in 1998, and the XHTML 1.0 Language and Design Sourcebook, published in March of 2000. If you are looking for an up-to-date book (and supporting Web site), please try one of these books.

For a complete listing of all the books I have written, please visit

I wrote both of the previous two editions of The HTML Sourcebook, and in both cases prepared online material in support of the books. Links to these two Web sites are provided below.

In addition, I maintain an online tutorial on HTML, and a well-maintained bibliography of the standards documents that define the underlying Web protocols. The latter site is, in particular, a good place to find out about the "gory details" of the Web protocols and formats. Both sites are listed below.

I am currently working on a book on Cascading Stylesheets. This will be as a useful complement to The HTML Sourcebook, and should be out in the fall of 1997.

Other Book Sites

The HTML Sourceboook, Second Edition
ISBN: 0-471-14242-5
Published: 1996
Web Site:

The HTML Sourceboook, First Edition
ISBN: 0-471-11849-4
Published: 1995
Web Site:

The HTML Stylesheet Sourceboook
ISBN: (not yet available)
Published: (to be published 1997)
Web Site: (not yet available)

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Buying Over the Web?

If your local bookstore does not have a good collection of computer books, you can always order my book (or others) over the Web. Some examples of Internet bookstores include Roswell Computer Books, a Canadian online computer book seller, or, a purely electronic bookstore.

The HTML Sourcebook, Third Edition
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