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Corrections to Chapter 5
The HTML Sourcebook, 3Ed.

[11] IMG element Attribute error, midway down page:
The text references the attribute assignment TYPE="baseline". This is an error -- it shoud be ALIGN="baseline"

[7] Missing <HTML> tag in Figure 5.27.
This figure is missing the starting <HTML> tag.

[7] URL error on pages 339 12'th line from bottom
The description to the right should read Active-X scripting documentation and not Active-X dcripting documentation.

[1] URL error on pages 339 9'th line from bottom
The URL should end with .html and not .htm. It should thus read: http://www.w3.org/hypertext/WWW/MarkUp/html-spec/charset-harmful.html


[1]: Courtesy of Ian Graham (even I see them, on occasion)
[7]: Thanks to Christopher Evans
[11]: Thanks to Doctor What

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