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Corrections to Chapter 4
The HTML Sourcebook, 3Ed.

[7] Typo, line seven from bottom, page 135
The word: "examples" should simply be written as: "examples" (no goofy courier characters).

[1] Figures, Pages 143 and 144
The bodies for Figures 4.3 and 4.4 were accidentally switched -- Figure 4.3 should be the list of elements, while Figure 4.4 should contain the example HTML element description. Note that this error should be corrected in later printings. Note also that the underlines beneath the attributes BGCOLOR, BORDERCOLOR, etc. are there, but are very faint -- they should be boldly underlined,

[7] Typo in Figure 4.3/4.4, page 145, element KEYGEN
The word encrypted is misspelled as encrcrypted.

[1] Pages 147, Table Caption
As a result of the Figure correction mentioned above, the Table caption for Table 4.2 should refernce Figure 4.4, and not Figure 4.3.

[7] Pages 147, Table 4.2: Can be inside:
The sentence beginning "Elements that are proposed..." should be written as "Elements that are proposed as part of the HTML ..." (missing "of").

[9] Pages 149, Bottom of Page:
In addition to HEAD and BODY elements, an HTML element can also contain HTML comments: for example:
<!-- this is a comment -->
<HEAD> .... </HEAD>...
[7] Pages 158, third line below heading: Common META Elements
There is an extra double quote that shoujld be deleted. The original string (with the extra, erroneous double quote marked in boldface red text) is:
<META HTTP-EQUIV="content-type" CONTENT="text/html; charset="EUC-2"> ,
which should read:
<META HTTP-EQUIV="content-type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=EUC-2"> .

[9] Page 156/157 -- Misordered heading:
The title block for the META element is after the first 2 lines of the text (the first 2 lines are on page 156)

[7] Page 162, line 12 from bottom:
There is a typo in the TITLE element (there is a comma instead of a < in the ending TITLE tag). The string should read:
<TITLE>Paper on Rings by Baggins and Gandalf, 1989</TITLE>

[7] Page 162, line 11 from bottom:
There is a typo in the TITLE element (there is a missing slash). The string should read:
<TITLE>Introduction to MIME types </TITLE>

[9] Page 163/164 -- Misordered headings:
The title block for the BLOCKQUOTE element is after the first 4 lines of the text (the first 4 lines are on page 163)

[9] Page 180 -- alt instead of "but"
The last sentence in Figure 4.13 (and hence 4.14) has the text string "everything alt," which should read "everything but."

[9] Page 193 -- Heading For DL misplaced w.r.t surrounding text
The heading for the DL elemetn should be moved down below the three following lines.

[9] Page 223 -- Missing HEIGHT and WIDTH attributes to TD and TH Elements
Both the TD and TH elements can take the attributes HEIGHT and WIDTH, as discussed in the text. However, these names were left off the Attributes: list on page 223.

[9] Page 225 -- Line 7, 5th word from end of line
This word should be slide, and not side.

[10] Page 225 -- Attributes of IMG element
The supported attribute list should include the Attribute NAME, supported by Netscape Navigator 3+ and Internet Explorer 4. This is used to address images, and can be used, with JavaScript, to create rollover images.

[2] Page 235, COORDS, not COORD
In the example explaining client-side imagemapes, I accidentally dropped the "S" from the attribute name -- it should be COORDS. Note that it is correct on page 252.

[7] Page 244, STRIKE Element description
The last sentence should read: Lynx may render this in reverse-video.

[7] Page 253, NOHREF and HREF descriptions
The text "(one of HREF and NOHREF is required)" should read (one of HREF or NOHREF is required)" (i.e., "or" instead of "and").


[1]: Courtesy of Ian Graham (even I see them, on occasion)
[2]: Thanks to E. Ouaiss.
[7]: Thanks to Christopher Evans
[9]: Thanks to Chris Trayner
[10]: Thanks to Jim Pattee

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