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Corrections to Chapter 2
The HTML Sourcebook, 3Ed.

[1] Figure 2.7
The text in the HTML source listing should be:
<A HREF="legend.gif"><B><IMG SRC="legicon.gif" ALIGN=Bottom> Initial flow</B> and colour legend for vorticity.</A>
(in some cases, the <B> and ><A HREF="legend.gif"> are reversed, so that the elements do not properly nest.)

[7] Figure 2.8, page 59
The caption is slightly misleading, and should better read: "... The picture overlaid on the browser resulted from clicking on the image icon at the middle of the screen, while the movie-playing window was launched by pressing on the icon at the bottom of the screen. This .."

[5] Figure 2.19, page 80
Some of the FORM INPUT elements do not have a NAME attribute, which is an error: according to the HTML specifications, all FORM content elements should take a NAME attribute. Note, however, that this does not usually affect the display of the document, or the processing of the form data (the browser simplyu assumes a null value for the "name").


[1]: Thanks to C. Scott Sheffield.
[5]: Thanks to Jim Pattee. [7]: Thanks to Christopher Evans

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