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References From Chapter 12
The HTML Sourcebook, 3Ed

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Demographics and User Surveys

Media Research Firms and Survey Information
http://www.nielsenmedia.com/   (Nielsen Media Research Interactive Services )
http://www.simbanet.com/   (Media consulting and surveys )
http://www.forrester.com/   (Forrester Inc. - Technology Change Analysts )
http://www.activmedia.com/   ( ActivMedia Market Research )

Advertising and Marketing Information
http://www.adage.com   ( Advertising Age)
http://uts.cc.utexas.edu/~echo/cover.html   ( Overview of Web advertising)
http://www.webtrack.com/   ( News/databases for marketers)
http://www.clo.com/~avmonl/uoft/sales.html   ( Electronic sales/marketing resource list)
http://www2000.ogsm.vanderbilt.edu   ( Research program on marketing in computer-mediated environments)

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