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4.14 Line Breaks

The line break element indicates that a new line is to start at the given point. Note that this is formally different from a paragraph element and should not be used in it place.

An example (and its rendering) is:

 <ADDRESS>Prof. Gumby<BR>
 My Brain Hurts Inc.<BR>
 Toronto <BR>CANADA 
 I think my brain hurts.<BR>
 I'm ready to Operate!<BR>

which is rendered as:

Prof. Gumby
My Brain Hurts Inc.

I think my brain hurts.
I'm ready to Operate!

4.14.1 The CLEAR Attribute

As of HTML 3.2, text can flow around embedded images, in which case you want to be able to break text such that it goes to the next line alongside the image, or to the next free line below the image and flush with the left or right margins. This is controlled by the CLEAR attribute, which can take the three values "left", "right" and "all". CLEAR="left" causes the next text line to start down as soon as the left margin is clear, while CLEAR="right" causes the line to break and start when the right margin is clear. CLEAR="all" breaks down until both margins are clear.

Some examples are given in Section 4.15.1 on images and image alignment.

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