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4.7.3 Netscape Extensions to List Elements

Netscape introduced several "extension" attributes for list elements, all of which were subsequently integrated into standard HTML. Essentially all browsers now support these attributes.

OL Element -- START and TYPE Attributes

These attributes control the numbering of ordered lists.

UL Element -- TYPE Attribute

The Netscape browser supports a TYPE attribute to the UL element for specifying the type of bullet to be used with the list items. Possible values are "disc" (filled disc), "circle" (open circle) and "square" (open square).

LI Element -- TYPE and VALUE Attributes

The Netscape browser supports TYPE and VALUE attributes for the LI element. VALUE is valid only inside an OL list, and specifies the item number for the given list item. All subsequent items are ordered from this number. The TYPE attribute specifies the type of numbering ("A", etc.) or bulleting ("circle", etc.) depending on whether the LI is inside an OL or UL list.

List Examples

Here are some examples.

<ol start=4 type="i">
  <li>First item
  <li>Second item
  <li value=2>Third item; value=2 
  <li type="A">Second item; type="A"

which is rendered as:

  1. First item
  2. Second item
  3. Third item; value=2
  4. Second item; type="A"

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