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The title of a document is specified by the TITLE element, which should be placed in the document HEAD. Each document can have only one title, which should identify the document content in a general way.

The Title is not part of the document text and cannot contain hypertext links or special markup commands -- it must be simple text. Often the title is used to label the window displaying the text, or is used to label a place in a browser's history or bookmark list. It therefore should be short -- less than 64 characters is strongly recommended.

3.6.1 Examples of TITLE

Some appropriate titles might be:

<TITLE>Article by Rivest and Neuman. 1989(b)</TITLE>


<TITLE>Introduction to MIME types </TITLE>

Examples of inappropriate titles are those which are not meaningful without the related document:


or those that are too long:

<TITLE>Remarks on the Quantum-Gravity effects of "Bean
Pole" diversification in Mononucleosis patients in Developing
Countries under Economic Conditions Prevalent during
the Second half of the Twentieth Century, and Related Papers:
a Summary</TITLE>

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