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The following list points to various conversion programs and filters that convert documents from other formats (Microsoft RTF, latex, framemaker, etc) to HTML. You should keep in mind that, as the HTML definition evolves, some of these converters will break, and will need to be updated.


This Perl script converts ASCII to HTML. The source is located at ftp://src.doc.ic.ac.uk in the subdirectory /computing/information-systems/www/tools/translators/asc2html/. You can download the file here.


This script converts HTML to plain text. The sources is located at ftp://src.doc.ic.ac.uk in the subdirectory /computing/information-systems/www/tools/translators/html2asc/. You can download the file here.


Hyperlatex is a little package that allows you to use a subset of Latex to prepare documents in HTML, and, at the same time, to describe a fine printed document with all the possibilities of Latex. Note that Hyperlatex is quite different from "latex2html", and is modeled after the "texinfo" system provided with Emacs. The source is available for download at ftp://ftp.cs.ruu.nl/pub/X11/Ipe/Hyperlatex-1.3.tar.gz, and there is a Hyperlatex home page at http://www.cs.ruu.nl/people/otfried/html/hyperlatex.html as well.


The LaTeX to HTML converter program not only successfully shows the more complex LaTeX formatting, for example for mathematics, but it also has a set of iconic images, which are included for navigation, and to mark footnotes and references. You can download the source from ftp://ftp.tex.ac.uk/pub/archive/support/latex2html/latex2html. There is also a LaTeX2HTML home page including an overview, notice board, and online documentation at http://cbl.leeds.ac.uk/nikos/tex2html/doc/latex2html/latex2html.html. The author of the package, Nikos Drakos, can be reached at nikos@mpn.com.

Networked Bibliography -- BibTeX

The network bibliography at AT&T uses scripts to index BibTeX files and to convert them to html on the fly on retrieval. The source is available for download via anonymous FTP at ftp://gaia.cs.umass.edu/pub/hgschulz/windex-1.2.tar.Z. For more information, see the Networked Bibliography home page or contact Henning Schulzrinne at hgs@research.att.com.

pstohtml -- PostScript-to-HTML Converter

This is a Perl-script package for converting postscript-to-html, and also for converting PostScript to plain text. If you have perl on you PC, then you can run this. Note, though, that the package comes as a UNIX tar file which can be downloaded by clicking here. To use this code, you will also need a postscript interpreter, for example Ghostscript 2.6.2. You might find the accompanying fonts and Ghostview 1.5 handy too. There is a ps2hhtml home page at ftp://bradley.bradley.edu/pub/guru/ps2html/ps2html-v2.html with additional information.

Quadralay WebWorks Publisher

"WebWorks Publisher is an easy to use, full-featured system for the creation and maintenance of WWW pages and hypermedia documents. Combined with FrameMaker, WebWorks Publisher allows you to create professional quality documents perfect for both print and Web publishing.

The package supports HTML 3 tables plus an elegant macro processing system within the FrameMake environment.

Additional information can be found at the Quadray home page, at http://www.quadralay.com, while evaluation copies of the package are available at http://www.quadralay.com/eval/.


Rtftohtml converts Microsoft RichText Format to HTML. The most recent version supports WORD 6.0 RTF files. Note that this program is most useful for MS-Word documents, as these use RTF format as the document code. For more information including an FTP link to the appropriate binary version, see: http://www.sunpack.com/RTF/rtftohtml_overview.html.


texi2html is a Perl script that converts GNU's Texinfo files to HTML. The program takes Texinfo files (and not info ones) and produces a set of HTML files. The quality of the output is close to the printed output and is much better than a info->HTML gateway. There is a texi2html home page at http://wwwcn1.cern.ch/dci/texi2html/ which contains, among other things, links to the texi2html man page, the source script, and the shar file.


This Perl script converts plain, ordinary text to HTML. It's a simple filter that takes a plain text file on stdin, and outputs HTML on stdout. For a similar product, see M.W. Wong's text-HTML converter described below.


This Perl script converts plain text to HTML with a number of useful features including newline-whitespace replacement, escape character replacement, ---------- to horizontal rule substitution, and support for an embed_file that allows text strings to be replaced with corresponding URLs. The Text to HTML home page can be found at http://www.seas.upenn.edu/~mengwong/txt2html.html, and includes links to this Perl script and others. For a similar product, see S. Golub's text-HTML converter described above.


WebMaker enables you to publish FrameMaker documents of any size and content for viewing on the World Wide Web. The power of WebMaker lies in its ability to provide customizable formatting during the FrameMaker-to-HTML conversion process. WebMaker 1.4 was developed as shareware in 1994 by CERN to convert large, complex technical documents for viewing and sharing among hundreds of scientists around the world on the WWW. In February 1995, CERN selected Harlequin to develop and market the next generation of its WebMaker product. The next version of WebMaker (2.0) will run on Macintosh and Windows platforms. For more information, see the WebMaker home page at CERN or the WebMaker home page at Harlequin.

Miscellaneous other filters

There are other filters for LaTeX, troff, DECwrite, FrameMaker, Interleaf, etc. For some reference pointers look to the CERN Word Processor / Filters page
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