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Online WWW Software Tools and Resources

This page contains information on miscellaneous WWW software and HTML authoring tools that are available online. This includes online HTML generator, HTML syntax checkers, etc etc. Some of these resources are listed at sites such as Yahoo. Some were found in posts to the comp.infosystems.www.[...] hierarchy; some were included as per users' suggestions; and others were even stumbled upon while wandering the Web.

This page is in a state of perpetual development. Suggestions to ian.graham@utoronto.ca are therefore encouraged.

Page Generation Resources

Automatic Homepage Writer

This is an interactive HTML document that lets you create a personal Web page, that you can then store on your own hard disk -- you still have to find a server to put it on, of course. Using this tool, you can design and display a documentt, which you then save to your disk using the "save as" pull-down menus. You also need to save the image files (background, etc.)


PageGen is and interactive HTML Authoring Tool. You select different properties for a web page, and PageGen will create the page for you. You need Internet Explorer to make it work, as it uses an Active X control to generate the page content. Information about PageGen is found at the URL http://www.tiac.net/users/garth/pagegen/.


Hform is a perl-based tool for automatically creating a home page. This can be useful for creating default pages for users. The source code is available at the link above (http://www.engr.iupui.edu/~dbewley/perl/hform.pl). The author of Hform, Dale Bewley, also has a number of other interesting Perl resources, which you will find at http://www.engr.iupui.edu/~dbewley/perl/.

Original documents by Ian Graham.
This document revised and updated by Ian Graham, 02 September 1997.