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Introduction to SGML

--Under Construction--

This section is under construction. In the interim, why not consult the following useful references:
A gentle Introduction -- A nice, clear and easy to read introduciton to the philosophy and design of . This document is very useful for learning how SGML works and how to understand the Document Type Definition (DTD) files.
A Gentle introduction to SGML -- but in Postscript!
SoftQuad's SGML Primer -- a nice, straightforward Introduction.
The SGML Web Page -- a large collection of SGML information, and of links to other SGML resources.
The EBT Archive -- Lots and lots of online information about SGML. A must browse for the true SGML devotee.
The SGML Repository at the University of OSlo, Norway. Lotso of useful stuff on SGML, includding a list of entity names defined for several of the different ISO character sets. This is found at:
The ISO/IEC JTC1/SC18/WG8 Web Service -- To produce standards for languages and resources for the description and processing of compound and hypermedia documents, including: Standard Generalized Markup Language and support facilities; Document processing architecture and formatting for documents represented in SGML; Final-form document architecture and Standard Page Description Language; Font architecture, interchange format, and services; and Hypermedia document structuring language and application resources.

SGML Software

This is just a list of stuff that I know and have used.
SGML to TeX Converter
Found at http://www.ucc.ie/info/net/sgml2tex.html. This is beta software, and presently runs only under MS-DOS (I don't know why). (11/April/1996)
This is a perl version 5 application for converting SGML documents to other formats by providing a specification file detailing exactly how you want to handle each element, external data entity, subdocument entity, CDATA string, record end, SDATA string, and processing instruction. Very nice. This is found at: http://www.uottawa.ca/~dmeggins/sgmlspl/sgmlspl.html (11 April 1996)
Earl Hood's Perl-based SGML Utilities
Programs such as dtd2html (creates an HTML-based analysis of a DTD), perlSGML (perl software for dealing with SGML) and much more. Found at: http://www.oac.uci.edu/indiv/ehood/ (11/April/96).

.................... SGML Information
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