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Over Quota on the UTORmail System: Common Problems

Q. I'm confused! I only have a few messages in my INBOX yet the UTORmail system is telling me that I am over the 100MB quota. How can this be?

A. If you haven't already done so, please go to UTORid Management, click on "get information", and select the option for your UTORmail account to see a detailed breakdown of disk usage. This will give you a better idea about where the quota limit was exceeded and help you to choose an appropriate remedy. Here are a few possibilities:

  1. Battling Invisible Message Buildup
    You are using email software that has a "Leave Mail on Server" switch turned ON. The ON switch causes "invisible message buildup" - for each message you have received, an "invisible" copy of that message is left at the UTORmail postoffice. Over time, these copies start to take up space and throw your INBOX over quota. For specific instruction on how to manage "invisible message buildup": Netscape Messenger | Outlook Express | Eudora Lite for Macintosh
  2. Taking out the Trash
    The Trash has not been emptied in a very long time, causing message buildup.
    For specific instruction on how to "take out the Trash": Netscape Messenger | Outlook Express
  3. Not the INBOX Afterall
    Your UTORmail INBOX may be under quota but any remote folders you keep at the UTORmail postoffice may be quite large. For example, a Sentmail folder that has built up over time. Check all remote folders.
  4. Total Frustration!! - None of the Above
    Please contact the Information Commons Help Desk - the email address is <> and the phone number is 978-HELP!


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