History and Goals


The Centre for Arts-informed Research began in 1997 as “The Artful Inquiry Working Group”, a dozen or so faculty members and graduate students who met regularly in an “artful” space over food and drink. We discussed issues and ideas associated with alternative (artful) forms of research and representation, worked together on research projects, and shared ideas and works in progress. The Working Group provided an intellectual and collegial context for preliminary exploration of and inquiry into methodologies, perspectives, and issues associated with alternative forms of research processes and representational forms.

Perhaps most important, the Working Group developed a strong sense of community in which like-minded and -spirited individuals could challenge status quo conceptions of research and knowledge. Although Working Group members each worked independently on various artful projects, we also engaged in numerous collaborative writing and presentation projects.

In 2000, as a result of growing interest in our work and in expanding the community of artist-researchers, The Artful Inquiry Working Group evolved into the Centre for Arts-informed Research. On April 18, 2000 the Centre was launched with a champagne and cupcake party. Since then the community has continued to evolve. And, while the venue and most of the people have changed, the nature of the work more clearly defined or, perhaps, more regular, it remains a community built on a shared vision, good company, and a spirit of transformation.


Program in Adult Education and Community Development
Department of Adult Education & Counselling Psychology 
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto
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