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Creating Scholartistry:
Imagining the Arts-informed
Thesis or Dissertation


Announcing the


Charlottetown, PEI, OCTOBER 15-18, 2009


Detail of Mindscapes, by J. Gary Knowles (1994)*



The Centre for Arts-informed Research was established in April 2000. The Centre's mission is to articulate, explore, and support alternative forms of qualitative research and representation which infuse elements, processes, and forms of the arts into scholarly work.

Centre Goals: to contribute to the advancement of the genre of arts-informed research; to create a context for emerging and established researchers to explore methodological issues associated with arts-informed research; to work toward the development of a local, national and international community of arts-informed researchers; to promote open dialogue and collaboration among researchers, professional artists, communities, and schools; to provide opportunities and spaces for public access to alternative forms of research.

Centre Priorities Include: seminars, colloquia ("works in progress"), workshops, and conferences; publishing; data base and resource library; funded research; art making support and facilities; coordination and support of research activities for faculty and students; international exchanges and exhibits; collaborations with art education institutions; connections with community organizations and the public; and a scholartist-in-residence program.


* Mindscapes, by J. Gary Knowles (1994), is an acrylic paint on canvas (1.80 m x 1.5 m) depiction of the messy, convoluted nature of collaboration within a community of researchers.

See Finley, S., Knowles, J. G., Elijah, R., & Cole, A. L. (1994). Mindscapes: A collaborative community of researchers. An experimental/interactive, multimedia/drama/music/two-dimensional visual art interactive performance session presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, New Orleans, LA, 4-8 April, as well as Finley, S., Cole, A. L. Knowles, J. G., & Elijah, R. (2000). Making "Mindscapes": Continuing reflections of a community of researchers. Journal of Critical Inquiry into Curriculum and Instruction, 2(2), 7-14.


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