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Creating Scholartistry: Imagining the Arts-informed Thesis or Dissertation

J. Gary Knowles, Sara Promislow and Ardra L. Cole. Eds.


Published by Backalong Books & The Centre for Arts-informed Research

An inspiring collection of writing that offers insight into the art and craft of creating art-related theses and dissertations. Authors illuminate issues associated with imagining, developing and completing non-traditional, qualitative, social science research projects as well as some of the barriers, complexities and rewards of guiding and facilitating such exciting work.

With over 30 chapters (more than 350 pages) written by thesis researchers (some with their supervisors) an array of experiences of doing alternative work informed by the arts are made explicit. Contributors include writers from the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia and other Canadian universities, as well as individuals situated in the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

For both new and established arts-related researchers this compilation makes a valuable addition to the growing literature on arts-informed research. It honours the individual and collective pathways taken to developing representations of research that are beyond traditional modes of expression.

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The Art of Visual Inquiry
J. Gary Knowles, Teresa C. Luciani, Ardra L. Cole & Lorri Neilsen

The Art of Visual Inquiry focuses on examples of arts-informed research, which employ visual images as part of the inquiry process and/or in forms of representation. Contributions to this volume demonstrate and elaborate on research that infuses the processes and representational forms of the visual arts with qualitative inquiry so that research products reflect a range of two- and three-dimensional visual art forms, including photography, painting, installation art, collage, film or video and sculpture.

Backalong Books and The Centre for Arts-informed Research 
ISBN 1-894132-10-6 List price CDN$28.95

The Art of Writing Inquiry
Lorri Neilsen, Ardra L. Cole & J. Gary Knowles

The Art of Writing Inquiry is a rich collection of arts-informed writing as inquiry and inquiry into writing: essays, reflections, fiction, poetry and plays at the leading edge of contemporary scholartistry.

Backalong Books and The Centre for Arts-informed Research 
ISBN 1-894132-06-8 List price CDN$34.95 


Provoked by Art: Theorizing Arts-informed Research
Ardra L. Cole, Lorri Neilsen, J. Gary Knowles, & Teresa Luciani

Authors use examples of arts-informed research to foreground theoretical elements and issues associated with new genres social science research. Through languages of fiction, poetry, drama, and visual art the works in this volume show the potential of arts-informed research to bring together the academy and diverse knowledge communities.

Backalong Books and The Centre for Arts-informed Research
ISBN: 1-894132-08-4 List price: CDN$28.95






The Performative Series


Respect: A Reader's Theatre about People who Care for People in Nursing Homes
Maura McIntyre

Backalong Books



The Scholartist Series


Of earth and flesh and bones and breath: 
Landscapes of Embodiment and Moments 
of Reenactment
Suzanne M. Thomas 

"[This] is a singular book - engaging and evocative; imaginative and inventive. [Thomas] has woven poetry, art, citations, and ruminations into a creative text that explores and performs, with insight and care, how to reconceptualize and theorize the intersections of complex issues around place, memory, poetics, embodied knowing, pedagogy, ecology, philosophy, aesthetics, artful knowing, and writing. This book celebrates the possibilities of human being and becoming when the heart is integrally connected to the earth." (Carl Leggo, UBC).
Backalong Books ISBN 1-894132-14-9 List price CDN$34.95

Remembering Place: Domicide and a 
Childhood Home
Sharon L. Sbrocchi

Remembering Place is a visual inquiry into the death of a childhood home. Set within the context of urban development, abandonment and globalization, the author wanders and wonders in conversation with personal and collective memories and maps, poetic text, archival images, and municipal documents and weaves them together to make visible the complex relationship between self and place in a rapidly urbanizing world. This book is a testament to the power of the imagination in transforming a sense of loss into a desire for social justice.

Backalong Books and The Centre for Arts-informed Research 
ISBN 1-894132-24-6 List price CDN$28.95 



Living and Dying with Dignity: The Alzheimer’s Project
Maura McIntyre & Ardra L. Cole

The Alzheimer's Project is comprised of several three-dimensional multimedia representations based on predominant themes emerging from the authors’ research. Data informing their work are from multiple sources: personal writing, journal entries, caregiving notes, photographs, personal documents, library and internet research, and a series of structured conversations about the authors’ experiences. The six themes represented in the installations, subsumed under the overarching theme of dignity, are: caregiving and contexts of care; dependence; education; mother-daughter relationships; memory; and, identity.






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Books by CAIR-Associated Authors


Disrupting privilege, identity, and meaning: A reflexive dance of 
environmental education
Alison Neilson

This narrative about the research journey explores the motivation to study practices of environmental education and the privilege that supports the authors ability to do so. It is about the process of dislodging individual privilege in environmental education research and being part of a community of practice. It is written to invite participation in reciprocal learning/teaching about and knowledge construction of environmental education as collaborative reflexive practice.

Rotterdam: Sense Publishers ISBN 978-90-8790-182-0




Handbook of the Arts in Qualitative Research: 
Perspectives, Methodologies, Examples, and Issues 
J. Gary Knowles & Ardra L. Cole

This collection represents an unfolding and expanding orientation to qualitative social science research that draws inspiration, concepts, processes, and representational forms from the arts. In this defining work, J. Gary Knowles and Ardra L. Cole bring together the top scholars in qualitative methods to provide a comprehensive overview of the past, present, and future of arts-based research. This handbook provides an accessible and stimulating collection of theoretical arguments and illustrative examples that delineate the role of the arts in qualitative social science research.

Key features:

- Defines and explores the role of the arts in qualitative social science research: The handbook represents an analysis of classic and emerging methodologies and approaches that employ the arts in the qualitative research process.

- Brings together a unique group of scholars: Offering diverse perspectives, contributors to this volume represent a wide range of disciplines including the humanities, media and communication, anthropology, sociology, psychology, women's studies, education, social work, nursing, and health and medicine.

- Offers comprehensive coverage of the genres employed by qualitative researchers: Scholars use multiple ways to advance knowledge including literary forms, performance, visual art, various types of media, narrative, folk art, and more.

- Articulates challenges inherent in alternative methodologies: This volume discusses the issues and challenges faced when employing art in research including ethical issues, academic merit issues, and even funding issues.

This is an essential resource for any scholar interested in qualitative research, as well as a critical resource for all academic and public libraries.

Sage Publications, Inc. ISBN 9781412905312


The Raging Grannies: Wild Hats, Cheeky Songs, 
and Witty Actions for a Better World
Carole Roy

"Unique in form and content…born out of a commitment to document activism, deepening our understanding of this particular form of action, and inspiring others to learn from the imaginative strategies of these courageous older women…[The Raging Grannies] fills a gap in feminist literature. Roy contributes significantly to our thinking about creative resistance, and her examination of strategies of satire and humour, in particular, is ground-breaking." -Deborah Barndt (York University)

Black Rose Books    ISBN 1-55164-240-9

Douglas Gosse

jackytar, based on award-winning research conducted by Douglas Gosse, is the novel of self-development and social critique. Told through the eyes of Alexandre Murphy, jackytar delves into twisting family secrets, the nature of language and identity, the influence of heritage, and a four generations' sexual interface with the world. The story unfolds over nine days with shifting points of view, time and space. Self-reflexive insights, and heart wrenching revelations spiral to their extreme limit. jackytar is an innovative novel, boldly breaking new ground in Canadian letters.

Jesperson  ISBN 1-894377-13-3



Other Arts-informed Publications


Seeing Red––A Pedagogy of Parallax: An Epistolary 
Bildungsroman on Artful Scholarly Inquiry 
Pauline Sameshima

The book showcases a PhD dissertation written in the form of an epistolary bildungsroman—a didactic novel of personal developmental journeying. The work is a fiction (letters from a graduate student to the professor she is in love with) embedded in developmental understanding of living the life of a teacher researcher. The work shares the possibilities of how artful research informs processes of scholarly inquiry and honors the reader's multi-perspective as integral to the research project's transformative potential.

Cambria Press ISBN13:9781934043523




Program in Adult Education and Community Development
Department of Adult Education & Counseling Psychology          
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto          
252 Bloor St. W, Toronto, ON M5S 1V6