Putting Care on the Map

Ardra Cole and Maura McIntyre are researchers from the University of Toronto working on a study about caregiving and Alzheimer’s disease sponsored by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. In Putting Care on the Map, they are interested in raising the profile of care and caregiving across Canada.

They are seeking to understand more about the emotional complexities of Alzheimer’s disease and what it means to care. They want to show Canadians where care lives and what it looks like for family members caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease.

Putting Care on the Map is a tribute to family caregivers and to the worthiness of care and caregiving in general.

Image and Identity Research Collective (IIRC)

A project initiated by Sandra Weber from the Department of Education at Concordia University (Montreal), and Claudia Mitchell from the Faculty of Education at McGill University (Montreal).

"The collaborators of IIRC share an interest in developing interdisciplinary, image-based research methodologies and artistic forms of representation for the Humanities and Social Sciences. In our individual and collective projects, we variously use video, film, art installations, photography, performance, and fictional practice to research questions relating to gender, age, body, popular culture, and/or identity. Many of our projects involve critical self-study and collective inquiry."




Creative Approaches to Research

Educational Insights Electronic Journal

International Journal of Education and the Arts

Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy

Visual Culture and Gender



Ardra Cole, OISE-UT

Diane Conrad, University of Alberta

Rita Irwin, University of British Columbia

J. Gary Knowles, OISE-UT


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Arts-based Educational Research (ABER)

ABER is a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the American Educational Research Association. Our purpose is to provide a forum for the conduct, examination and advancement of arts-based approaches to educational research. Our aim is to promote discussion about the conduct and theory of such research, to provide members of the SIG with opportunities for the critical analysis of such research and to advance theories of practice and knowing that support such research.

Members of the SIG employ a wide range of arts-based approaches to educational research. At the 1999 and 2000 American Educational Research Association Annual Meetings in Montreal and New Orleans, poster sessions featured approaches such as multi-media, poetry, narrative, drama, reader's theatre, collage, quilting, fictive narrative, photography, and dance. We welcome new members!

List-serve: Stay connected with other arts based educational researchers by joining our ABER SIG list-serve. Simply visit: and click "Join this Group" at the top of the page.



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