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Events, Workshops and Courses

Health Promotion Summer School

The Centre for Health Promotion offers the Ontario Health Promotion Summer School (HPSS). For details on the summer school, visit www.utoronto.ca/chp/hpss.

The Health Communication Unit

THCU offers workshops and courses to those involved in health communication in the Province of Ontario. For information on what they have to offer, visit www.thcu.ca.

MHSc Program in Health Promotion

Detailed information on U of T's Masters in Health Sciences program and the health promotion program, is available at www.phs.utoronto.ca.

Staff at the Centre for Health Promotion teach and provided practicum support for the University of Toronto's MHSc program in health promotion. Currently, Suzanne Jackson continues to serve as Associate Director and Practica Coordinator.



Last Updated: November 21, 2008

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