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About the National Projects Unit

Work Experience and Projects
Summary of Qualificiations

Established in 1993, the Unit offers strategic public policy and program evaluation services, notably but not exclusively in the field of health and health promotion. The Unit is proud of its wide network of expert associates and its track record in creating specialized teams whose talents ensure that the clients receive the best value.

The monitoring and evaluation approach has been developed by project team members (Rootman, Wilson, Warren) and is published by the World Health Organization. (Evaluation in Health Promotion: Principles and Practices, Rootman, I., Goodstadt, B., Hyndman, B., McQueen, D., Potvin, L., Springett, J. and Ziglio, E., eds, WHO,.)

Work Experience and Projects

Coordinator Reg Warren receives the Ron Draper Award
2005 Projects
National /Provincial Program Monitoring and Evaluations

Evaluation Frameworks/Results Management Accountability Frameworks
International Experience
Program Development, Strategic Planning, Special Studies
National Consultation Processes

Ron Draper Award, Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA)

In 2005, the Ron Draper Health Promotion Award by CPHA was awarded to the Unit’s Senior Consultant Reg Warren. This is a prestigious award and recognizes Reg’s important contributions to the field of health promotion over the last 30 years.

Reg Warren was born in the town of Tyndall, Manitoba. He attended Edward Schreyer High School, the University of Manitoba and the Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University. He was Director of Research for the Traffic Injury Research Foundation of Canada, and Chief of the Health Promotion Studies Unit, under Irving Rootman and Ron Draper. Reg currently is a visiting Fellow at the Centre for Health Promotion, University of Toronto, an Associate of Rick Wilson Consulting, Corlett and Associates, SML and Associates, and is Associate Editor of the Canadian Journal of Public Health.

Reg has evaluated many of Canada's major health strategies, including the Canadian Drug Strategy, the Canadian Strategy on HIV/AIDS, the Canadian Breast Cancer Initiative, the National Drug Strategy, the Canadian Tobacco Demand Reduction Strategy, National Impaired Dtiving Strategy and the National Health Promotion Program. He was the lead technical advisor on the Second Report on the Health of Canadians, and founding co-Principal Investigator for the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit. He was the Project Director for Canada's first national Health Promotion Survey, which has been replicated in many other countries.

Reg has carried out research in every province and territory of Canada. He has worked on building evaluation capacity with hundreds of community groups. Reg has also worked in developing health promotion capacity in several other countries as well, including Estonia, Costa Rica, Chile and Brazil.

Reg specializes in knowledge translation and in "making research results meaningful" to a broad array of user communities. He is a frequent keynote speaker at national and international events hosted by such agencies as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, and the European Commission.

2005 Projects

CAPC / CPNP Deliberative Dialogue: Healthy Living and Ten Years Later … What Has Been Learned and What Can Be Shared
(July 2004 - March 2005)
Project Coordinator: Rick Wilson

In 2005, the Centre for Health Promotion National Projects Unit undertook a project for Health Canada’s Community Action Plan for Children (CAPC) and Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP). This project was designed to build on what has been learned both from community experience and from research on priority children ’s health issues by looking at: 1) the work of CAPC/CPNP initiatives in promoting the health of children and families and 2) and whether CAPC/CPNP initiatives are effective program models in reaching and engaging pregnant women, infants, children and families living in vulnerable circumstances and whose health and development are at risk?

The objectives and general approach to this project were highly innovative and consistent with the intermediary role that the Centre plays in relation to the community and academic environments. The Deliberative Dialogue was a cost-effective approach to a national event that will provide meaningful, focused activities with defined products and dissemination plans.

National /Provincial Program Monitoring and Evaluations

  • Retrospective Evaluation National Literacy and Health Program CPHA
  • Canadian Diabetes Strategy and Prevention and Promotion Component- Health Canada
  • Canadian Strategy on HIV/AIDS Monitoring Report - Framework and Process – Health Canada
  • Prevention Community Action Program – Canadian Strategy on HIV/AIDS Framework and Process
  • First Nations’ Synthesis of Evaluation Reports –- Transfer Communities 1999, 2000 & 2000-2001 –
  • Canadian Breast Cancer Initiative – Baseline Monitoring Report-Health Canada
  • Canadian Breast Cancer Initiative – Community Capacity Evaluation- Years One & Two – Health Canada
  • Ontario Disaster Relief Program Review of Ice Storm Eastern Ontario-Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing – Province of Ontario
  • Ontario Tobacco Strategy – First Annual Monitoring Report - Ministry of Health Province of Ontario

Evaluation Frameworks/Results Management Accountability Frameworks

  • Sectoral Involvement in Departmental Policy Development (SIDPD) Component of the Federal Voluntary Sector Initiative (VSI)- Results Management Accountability Framework – Health Canada
  • Health Products and Food Branch Health Promotion action Plan -Evaluation Framework – Health Canada
  • First Nations’ Accountability Framework – Health Planning Process and Templates – Health Canada
  • Canadian Breast Cancer Initiative – Evaluation Framework and Plan – Health Canada
  • Heart Health Division, Chronic Diseases Performance Measurement Framework – Health Canada
  • Development of a Health Promotion Evaluation Framework for Prince Edward Island
  • Development of a Health Promotion Evaluation and Reporting Framework for the Province of Ontario
  • Development of an Evaluation Framework for the Ontario Substance Abuse Strategy
  • Evaluation Plan and Strategy Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network

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International Experience

  • Health Promotion in Estonia: Building a Healthy Future – An Assessment Study – World Bank
  • Development of an Evaluation Framework for Health Promotion in Estonia
  • Evaluation of the European Network of Health Promoting Schools
  • Evaluation of Health Promotion in Chile – CIDA

Program Development , Strategic Planning, Special Studies

  • Strategic Framework Document Canada Student Loans Division Discussion Paper –
  • Continuous Learning Background Papers – Learning Programs and Policy, Learning and
    Literacy Directorate HRDC
  • Toward a Healthy Future: Second Report on the Health of Canadians - F/P/T Advisory
    Committee on Population Health
  • National Crime Prevention Strategy (Community Mobilization Program ) – Funding Guidelines,
    Applicant Guides, Handbooks and Promotional materials and Presentations – Justice Canada
  • Safer Communities Initiative Community Mobilization Program Operational Parameters and Issues Justice Canada
  • Transport Canada Survey Planning Processes, Practices, Models – Final Report
  • Transport Canada – Business Plans Process

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National Consultation Processes

  • Making Research Results Meaningful to Users – A series of regional workshops conducted jointly with other Health Promotion Research Centres across Canada
  • National Seniors’ Forum – A series of regional fora, followed by a national forum, designed to capture and preserve the communities’ learnings from a “sun-setting”, long-term, Health Canada community funding program
  • National AIDS Strategy Consultation – A survey, series of regional fora and focus groups designed to incorporate “stakeholder” input into Phase 3 of the National AIDS Strategy
  • Framing a New Relationship Between National Voluntary Organizations and Health
    – A regional consultation to solicit input from national voluntary organizations on their relationship with Health Canada
  • Focus Assessment of a Triaged Approach to Tobacco Reduction – This consultation allowed public health nurses, pharmacists, doctors, dentists, tobacco reduction coordinators, government staff and others to provide their input and perspectives on the creation and implementation of a coordinated approach to cessation in Canada

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Summary of Qualifications

The National Projects Unit of CHP offers:

  • A unique monitoring and evaluation approach involving extensive consultation, ongoing reporting and capacity for supplementary evaluation mechanisms
  • International experience in Estonia, Chile and other countries
  • National, provincial and local program and policy evaluation experience
  • Knowledge of Federal reporting cycles and performance monitoring
  • Experience in design, implementation and reporting of national consultation processes


Coordinator Reg Warren <dynamic@ca.inter.net>


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Last Updated: 24-Nov-2008

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