About Central and Inner Asia Studies

Central and Inner Asia Studies (CIAS) is affiliated with the Asian Institute at the University of Toronto. It has hosted eleven annual multi-disciplinary conferences on a wide variety of topics relating to the region. These have been attended by an international group of experts including many from Central and Inner Asia. The conference proceedings are published in the series, Toronto Studies in Central and Inner Asia.

Goal and Focus of the CIAS

The CIAS is dedicated to studying the political, economic, historical and cultural aspects of the region which occupies the vast territory from the China Sea to Eastern Europe. It seeks to advance knowledge of the area through dialogue and publication.

History of the Seminar

The CIAS grew out of the Canada-Mongolia Association which was founded in 1987 for the study of the cultures and activities of ancient and modern nomadic peoples. Since 1990, the reach of CIAS activities has expanded to include the sedentary cultures of Central Asia and the lands bordering the Silk Road.

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