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About UTORquota

Quota management on UTORmail has changed for the better! The new quota enforcement is fairer and less cumbersome than the old system. It provides better warnings to customers when space consumption is too large and it simplifies cleanup. It also considers the sender by providing notice when the recipient has not received a message. This enforcement scheme is consistent with most other Universities, Internet Service Providers, and even with Canada Post--delivery of new mail stops if the mailbox at your house is full.

Under the new system, when a UTORmail account (inbox and any remote folders) exceeds 100MB, a warning message is sent to the account owner indicating that further growth may result in non-delivery of new messages. If the same account continues to grow and exceeds 120MB, new mail will not be delivered. New mail will be held at the UTORmail post office for a few days. New mail will start to be delivered within half an hour when the account is sufficiently reduced. Otherwise the message will be returned to the sender, noting that delivery did not occur.

Are you over quota now?

If so, reducing you usage is a two-step process. After deleting messages, you must "Purge Deleted" or "Expunge". If you use a Trash folder, you must "Empty" or "Compact" your Trash folder. If you download entire folders to your personal computer, you must delete the folder on the UTORmail server.

For further information and details on how to perform this task, please read the section, How do I get back under 100 MB?, in the Frequently Asked Questions.

For more general information, please read the UTORquota Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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