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Our Model

1. A series of research and action projects are collaboratively designed and carried out by Community Groups and Academic Advisors.

2. Each project hires a Graduate Student and at least one undergraduate student to provide research assistance.

3. The Academic Advisor at the host University assists the Graduate Student and the Community Group with their research project. The Community Group provides the students with useful experience and a real-world application for academic research.

4. Collaboration among projects is nurtured and encouraged to help forge new alliances.

5. Annual workshops are held to allow projects to exchange research findings and to foster links between projects.

6. Outreach to the greater community is accomplished through a wide range of seminars, presentations, publications, and a website.

7. New partners for future collaborative projects in community sustainability are sought.

Our Founding Partners:

Founding support provided by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada through the Community University Research Alliance Program.

Our Founding Partners