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Planet in Focus:
Toronto International Environmental Film & Video Festival

September 30 to October 5, 2003

Call for Submissions and Entry Form

Recognizing that the 'environment' is contested terrain, both as a biophysical entity and as a philosophical frame, Planet in Focus invites submissions of films and videos, in all genres, that critically examine the concept of 'environment' and challenge current human/nature relations. Special consideration will be paid to:

  • works that push the boundaries of the accepted notions of 'environment'
  • works that present cultural perspectives that are under-represented in Canada
  • works that will have their world or Canadian premiere at Planet in Focus: Toronto International Environmental Film & Video Festival

Eligibility Criteria

Entries must have a release date after 1998.
Pre-screening copies must be submitted on VHS cassette (NTSC preferred, but PAL also accepted). Each entry must be accompanied by a completed entry form and the appropriate entry fee. Multiple entries may be sent in the same package. Please avoid excessive non-biodegradable packaging. While our long-term goal is to include works in a variety of languages, this year all works submitted should be accessible to English speaking audiences.

Deadline for Entries

Early deadline: April 1, 2003
Final deadline: May 1, 2003

Entries must be received at our office in Toronto on or before these dates Submission results will be sent out by email or mail in June, 2003.

To obtain Entry Form click here.

The Centre for Research in Women's Health/ PAHO-WHO Collaborating Centre in Women's Health
Co-sponsored with
Comparative Program on Health and Society at the Munk Centre for International Studies at the University of Toronto

“The Social Action Mandate of the University of Costa Rica: what it means for university involvement in the community and community involvement in the university”
Dr. Leda Muñoz (Vice Rector for Social Action of the University of Costa Rica)

Dr. Leda Muñoz is responsible for the programming and policy integration of the University of Costa Rica into the community, including overseeing their public affairs and dissemination, ensuring leadership and quality policy advice by university faculty, staff and students, to all levels of government in Costa Rica, and the coordination of community placements of students. In connection with the CRWH collaborative violence prevention project with Costa Rica, she chairs the university foundation health board which oversees the provision of primary health care in the university precinct. She is currently involved in a research facilitation project to integrate more closely clinical research and practice with the development of a violence screening tool for use at the primary care level. Dr. Muñoz has a PhD in Human Nutrition and has been active nationally and internationally in research and training relating to child nutrition.

Thursday, 06 February 2003, 10 am - 12 Noon, Room 108N Munk Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto, 1 Devonshire Pl., Toronto, ON.
Light Refreshments will be provided.

If you are planning to attend, please e-mail cphs.munk@utoronto.ca or call 416 946-8891

For more information on the Comparative Program on Health and Society, its fellowships, events, papers, and people, please see www.utoronto.ca/cphs or contact the Program Coordinator below.

University of Toronto Career Centre

The University of Toronto Career Centre would like to invite students in your department to the SUMMER JOB FAIR being held at the Career Centre on Thursday February 6th, 2003 from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. (214 College St. at St. George & College)

Please pass the word on to your students via message boards, e-mail, announcements, etc. For more information, students may visit www.careers.utoronto.ca.

Institute for Environmental Studies and Gage Occupational & Environmental Health Unit

THURS JANUARY 30, 4:00 p.m.
Room 113, Koffler Inst. for Pharmacy Management, 569 Spadina Ave.

SARAH WAKEFIELD, Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Public Health Sciences, University of Toronto

(abstract and upcoming seminars below)

For a map, updates, and abstracts, please see http://www.utoronto.ca/env/seminars/e&h-spring.html

No registration required; all are welcome.

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The risk society described by Ulrich Beck and Anthony Giddens portrays contemporary Western society as increasingly aware of, and concerned about, technological hazards. In particular, the health consequences of human-induced environmental change are causing anxiety for individuals and communities. Using the risk society framework as a starting point for discussion, this seminar will identify mechanisms used by individuals to cope with perceived environmental risks. The results of a series of quantitative and qualitative studies are presented in order to illustrate the range of potential coping strategies used in response to perceived environmental risks, and to identify the potential impacts of these strategies on individual and community well-being.


Loraine Marrett, Scientist, Division of Preventive Oncology, Cancer Care Ontario
Cheryl Rosen, Head of Dermatology, Toronto Western Hospital, University Health Network
"Ultraviolet radiation and skin cancer: mechanisms, epidemiology and prevention"

PAM KAUFMAN, Lecturer, Department of Public Health Sciences, University of Toronto, and Research Associate, Ontario Tobacco Research Unit, University of Toronto
"Exploring physical and social factors that influence smoking behaviour in outdoor public places"

GAIL EYSSEN, Professor, Department of Public Health Sciences, University of Toronto
"Environmental sensitivity: an approach to research from environment to physiologic mechanisms"

THU MARCH 6 2003
MARK RAIZENNE, Acting Chief of the Air Health Effects Division, Safe Environments Programme at Health Canada
Title to be determined.

THU MARCH 27 2003
PAT HARPER, Scientist, Research Institute, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto; Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
Title to be determined.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

For more information, please contact:
Mona El-Haddad, 416-978-6526, m.elhaddad@utoronto.ca

WED FEBRUARY 12 2003, 4:00 p.m. Joint with The Sustainable Toronto project, Mary McGrath, Director, Citizens Environment Watch and John Sorrell, Project Manager, Technical Development, Centre for Applied Sustainability, York University Monitoring for sustainability: engaging citizens in collecting, mapping and taking action on ecological data.

This seminar is the second of three seminars offered jointly in 2002/03 with the Sustainable Toronto project. This project is directed by Beth Savan of Innis College. Funded by SSHRC, it is a consortium between two academic units: the Environmental Studies Program of Innis College at the University of Toronto and the York Centre for Applied Sustainability at York University. It is also linked with the City of Toronto, CIELAP and the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA), as well as several other non-profit groups - in a unique and innovative partnership to promote community sustainability.


WED MARCH 19 2003, 4:00 p.m. Joint with The Sustainable Toronto project (see Feb 12 seminar above), David Bell, Director of York Centre for Applied Sustainability, York University Governance for sustainability.

The Ontario Clean Air Alliance (OCAA) is pleased to announce its "Dirty King Coal" vs. "Clean & Green" Photo Contest

First prize is a $1300 Nikon Digital Camera donated by Downtown Camera

We are pleased to offer 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for the best pictures of Ontario Power Generation's (OPG's) coal-fired power plants and 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for the best pictures of environmentally-friendly renewable power facilities (e.g., wind turbines, solar photovoltaics and water power facilities). Submissions must be your original photograph(s) of facilities
that are located in Ontario.

The OCAA is planning to use some of the best submissions for its 2003 Spring/Summer Smog Season multi-media campaign (billboards, posters and pamphlets) for:

  • an early phase-out of OPG's dirty coal-fired power plants; and
  • aggressive policies to bring more renewable power to Ontario.

The deadline for submissions is March 14, 2003. Submit your photos to: Ontario Clean Air Alliance, 625 Church Street, Suite 402 Toronto, ON M4Y 2G1

For more information, please visit our web site www.cleanairalliance.org and click on the image of the camera.

We would like to thank Downtown Camera (www.downtowncamera.com), Green Tags Ontario (www.greentagsontario.com) and Henry's Camera (www.henrys.com) for kindly agreeing to sponsor our photo contest.


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