The Circle offers opportunity to present and critically discuss various aspects of Kierkegaard’s thought. It is interdisciplinary, drawing speakers and participants from religion, philosophy, theology, literature, history of ideas, drama, psychology, semiotics, computational linguistics, and other cognate areas. It meets twice in the academic year, preferably the end of October and the end of March,  at Trinity College, University of Toronto  (see Inquiry); Friday evenings (7:15 – 10:30). Speakers for October sessions are frequently from out of town, and for the March sessions from at home. Participants are associated with the University of Toronto and nearby institutions such as York, McMaster, Brock, Guelph, and Trent.


The Circle began meeting in 1986 after an International Kierkegaard Conference held at Trinity College (Abrahim Khan). Prior to that Conference, on was held at University of Windsor in 1976 (Harry Nielsen and Ralph Johnson), followed by another at McGill in 1980 (Alastair McKinnon) to recognize the acquisition of the Malantschuk Collection that is now part of that university's holding.


Trinity College and the Centre for the Study of Religion at the University of Toronto are the primary sponsors along with the Toronto School of Theology.  Its operations are managed by a convener and a committee,  with the  generosity  of  financial donations made from time to time, sent directly to the Provost of Trinity College, 6 Hoskins Avenue, Toronto, Ontario,  M5S 1H8, CANADA. Fax: 416-978-2749, or Office Phone: 416-978-2370.  For more information, please contact the convener,
Abrahim H. Khan at  416-978-3039 (off.) or by email:


While the Circle itself, established through the Provost at of Trinity College office, is not an academic unity it is is recognizably part of the resources and intellectual life at the University of Toronto. Inquires are frequently from home and abroad by those pursuing graduate work in Kierkegaard. At home, its convenor and committee members direct those wishing to pursue studies in Kierkegaard to the different faculty members at the University of Toronto or at other institutions. It counts as part of its own resource faculty members in religion, philosophy, theology, literature, etc., as well as library holdings at the University Library (Robarts) and the libraries of the various colleges comprising the University of Toronto.


Past speakers at the Circle include Alastair McKinnon (McGill), Jeremy Walker (McGill), Hans Moller ( McGill), Vincent McCarthy (University of Connecticut), Bruce Kirmmse (Connecticut College),Gordon Marino (St. Olaf College), Lee Barrett, III (Lancaster,PA), Abrahim Khan (Trinity), Graham Nicholson (Trinity), David Goicoechea (Brock), Dennis Hudecki (Western Ontario), Brady Polka (York), Bernard Zellachow (York), Millie Bakken (York), Avron Kulak (York), Geof Dudiak (Inst. for Christian Studies), William A. Shearson (Bishop's), and Ken Itzkowitz (Marietta Col.), Henry Pietersma (Victoria Col.), Emilia Angelova (U of Toronto), Martin Andic (Univ. of Mass), Richard Neilsen (Toronto), John Russon (York), Roman Kralik (Nitre), Leo Stan (York), John Dadosky (Regis).