Upcoming Session - Kierkegaard Circle


The Skepticism of Faith: Kierkegaard and Cavell in the Present Age.

Session Synopsis


Mark Cauchi
Associate Professor,
Department of Humanities York University, Toronto.


Friday, April 6, 2018
7:15 pm -10:00 pm


Combnation Room
Trinity College, Univ. Of Toronto
6 Hoskin Avenue, Toronto


Professor Abrahim H. Khan
Trinity College
Tel. 416 978-3039 (O), 416 978-2133(off. asst)

Mark Cauchi is the co-editor with Avron Kulak of "Kierkegaard at Two Hundred: The Challenge of the Single Individual in the Present Age" (European Legacy, 2013) and the author of a number of articles in continental philosophy, religious and secular studies, and film studies. He is co-editor with John Caruana of Immanent Frames: Postsecular Cinema between Malick and von Trier (forthcoming SUNY 2018).



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