Upcoming Session - Kierkegaard Circle


Kierkegaard and the Present Age


Tom Angier, Ph.D
Senior Lecturer
Philosophy Department
University of Cape Town, South Africa


Friday, March 20, 2020 7:15 pm - 10:00 pm


Combination Room
Trinity College, Univ. Of Toronto
6 Hoskin Avenue, Toronto


Professor Abrahim H. Khan
Trinity College
Tel. 416 978-3039 (O), 416 978-2133(off. asst)

Tom Angier holds in philosophy doctorates from Cambridge University and the University of Toronto. His area of interest includes Ancient Philosophy, Ethical and Political Theory, and Post-Kantian Philosophy. Among his publications are Ethics: The Key Thinkers (2016), ?Techne in Aristotle's Ethics: Crafting the Moral Life, and Either Kierkegaard / Or Nietzsche: Moral Philosophy in a New Key (2006). He is a visiting scholar (2019-2020) at the Centre for Ethics, University of Toronto.


In one way, our age is very similar to Kierkegaard's: viz. in its pervasive denial that humans have a general and ingrained tendency to sin. In another way, we depart markedly from Kierkegaard's age: viz. in our tendency to think - rather than because we are in Christendom, we are Christians - that because we are not in Christendom, we are not Christians. I shall argue that this is a distortion, and that current movements of thought and practice are highly indebted to our Christian past. Owing to our denial of our tendency to sin, however, the mode in which the Christian inheritance has survived has itself become markedly distorted. In this way, I will uncover how our similarity to and difference from Kierkegaard's age is highly revealing about the present age.