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UTORmail is the institutional e-mail service of the University of Toronto providing e-mail access to students, faculty, and staff. Recognized as the first widescale network service to be deployed cross-campus, the UTORmail system currently supports a community of just over 72,000.

The UTORmail technology consists of two components-a central electronic UTORmail Post Office (server) that sends and receives e-mail; and application software (referred to as client software) that runs on your PC or Macintosh.

The Network Services Group is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Post Office and the evaluation and recommendation of client software. We also provide support and training to the Information Commons. See more about the Information Commons under Getting Help with UTORmail.

General Information

For information about the following, please click on the respective hyperlink or visit the Information Commons web page here.

  • Requirements to Obtain UTORmail
  • Eligibility and Deletion Policy
  • Conditions of Use
  • Service Objectives
  • General E-Mail Information
  • Changing Your UTORmail Password
  • Understanding Addresses
  • E-Mail Etiquette
  • Selecting an E-mail Package
  • Starter Package Selection Table

UTORmail Tools

Getting HELP with UTORmail

The Information Commons, through its Walk-in and Phone-in Help Desk services, is the first level of support when clients encounter problems with UTORmail software (installation and use). The Commons also prepares packages--called "starter" packages--which include appropriate software, installation and basic user guides for various computer configurations (Macintosh and PC). The Commons also supports the Public Access Facility (PAF) on the first floor of the Robarts Library. The PAF has about 70 PCs with access to UTORmail mailboxes and direct access to the Internet via the campus backbone.

You can visit the Information Commons on the first floor of Robarts Library, call for help at 978-HELP (4357) or send e-mail to <>.




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