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UTORschedule: Service Definition

NEW! The CorporateTime™ client software, now called the Oracle Calendar Desktop client software™ has been upgraded from version 9.04 to version for Windows 2K, XP and Macintosh OSX.

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Service Description
Account Administration
User Support: Roles and Responsibilities
User Support: Training
User Support: Documentation
User Support: Backups and Restores
User Support: BlackBerry SyncJe Site Licence | BlackBerry SyncJe configuration and installation | Palm Pilots | Download Oracle Calendar Sync | Download Oracle Connector for Outlook, (OCFO)
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Service Description
UTORschedule is the University's first institution-wide electronic calendaring management system. This service will allow faculty and staff at the University to maintain their own personal electronic appointment calendars.

Account Administration
A UTORid is prerequisite to opening a UTORschedule account. To obtain a UTORid, go to

Once you have a UTORid, please visit the UTORschedule Account Activation page to request your account. That request should be processed and your UTORschedule account ready for use the following day.

User Support: Roles and Responsibilities

  • Departmental Oracle Calendar™ Co-ordinators
    Oracle Calendar Co-ordinators act as first point of contact for all Oracle Calendar™ users in a given department. Please refer to the Oracle Calendar Co-ordinators list for the appropriate contact in your department.
  • Departmental LAN Administrators
    Support for Oracle Calendar™ (including Palm Pilot) users by departmental LAN Administrators is at the discretion of the department and should be sought at that level. The LAN Administrator may be designated to provide second-level support to their Oracle Calendar Co-ordinator and individuals in a given department.
  • Scotiabank Information Commons
    The Scotiabank Information Commons provides
    training sessions to Oracle Calendar Co-ordinators and individuals using Oracle Calendar™. Individuals seeking support following training will be referred back to their Departmental Oracle Calendar Co-ordinator for help.
  • Network Services Group
    The Network Services Group is the technical group responsible for the UTORschedule service implementation and Oracle Calendar™ server administration.

User Support: Training
Oracle Calendar training is available through the Scotia Bank Information Commons. All faculty and staff wishing to use the UTORschedule service are encouraged to attend. Session reservations can be made through Lisette Henrich, Oracle Calendar Trainer by phone: 978-2774 or by email: <>.

Once training is completed, faculty and staff may consult with and seek support from their departmental Oracle Calendar™ co-ordinators. To find your Oracle Calendar™ co-ordinator, please review this list.

User Support: Documentation

Oracle Calendar User Guide (pdf file)

User Support: Backup and Restores
Customers are reponsible for the care of their data. Backing up UTORschedule data on a regular basis is recommended.

User Support: Palm Pilots
Please Note: Our license now covers Oracle Calendar Sync for Palm however there are no designated central resources to support Palm Pilots. The Scotiabank Information Commons cannot provide assistance. Support of Palm Pilots must be provided at the department level -- please contact your department's designated CorporateSync person or Departmental Oracle Calendar Co-ordinator. Departmental Oracle Calendar representatives must contact Alex Nishri at 416-978-7109 for more information before downloading Oracle Sync.

Attachments larger than 100K will be rejected by the system - small agenda documents will be accepted; larger documents should be distributed through alternate means.

Scheduled Maintenance Outages
The UTORschedule service will be unavailable nightly between 2:30am and 6:00am, and on the second Saturday of each month between 12:01am and 10:00am.

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