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Quality of Life (QOL) work began in 1991 at the Centre for Health Promotion in response to a request by the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services for a model and instrumentation for assessing QOL among persons with developmental disabilities.

The project developed quickly and, in 1994, The Quality of Life Research Unit was formed. To date, several projects have been undertaken and completed, including studies of the quality of life of seniors, adolescents, and adults in the general population. The Research Unit has also assisted other agencies and organizations in applying the instruments to different population groups, such as ex-psychiatric patients.

From 1994 to 2001, the Quality of Life Research Unit was co-directed by Rebecca Renwick and Dennis Raphael. Ivan Brown was project manager and Ted Myerscough managed the data and communication's production.

Who We Are

Rebecca Renwick continues to direct the Quality of Life Research Unit.  She is a Professor in the Graduate Department of Rehabilitation Science and the Department of Occupational Therapy at the University of Toronto. Her educational background is in psychology (Ph.D.) as well as occupational therapy and physical therapy. She is currently working on the Children's Quality of Life Project.

Ted Myerscough has been managing the Quality of Life Research Unit since 1992. Ted studied cinema and critical theory at U of T and has worked extensively in community based communications, producing/directing video tapes, designing and managing websites, and writing reports, brochures, and other materials.

Affiliated and Co-Researchers

Ann Fudge Schormans has been working with Rebecca Renwick developing qualititative approaches to assessing quality of life of children with intellectual / developmental disabilities. Ann teaches at McMaster University in Hamilton and received her PhD in Social Work from the Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto, in 2011.


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